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The Alumni NaKayama Scholarship Fund
“ThANKS” Fund

A Fund-Raising Drive by the Alumni Association for an Alumni-Sponsored Scholarship Fund for current IUJ students who are contributing to campus life, and in memory of IUJ’s Founding Father Dr. Sohei Nakayama (March 5, 1906 – November 19, 2005) to whom we all owe much ThANKS.  We have sponsored 28 students since 2006, and need your support urgently. The 5th fundraising drive only achieved 18% of our goal. We are hoping the 6th drive now in progress, in correlation with IUJ’s 40th anniversary, will find more success.


Ongoing Campaign: The ThANKS Fund is in a deficit. Please give back what you can!

Scroll down for the Progress Report of the current drive: 6th Fundraising Drive January 2020 to May 2022 – IUJ’s 40th Anniversary Please make a donation!

Details are in your August 2020 IUJ Alumni Newsletter,

To donate to the 40th Anniversary Drive, please download the Pledge Form by clicking the button (right).

  • Fill the Pledge Form in and return to
    • Upon receipt, if you select Credit Card, IUJ will send you a unique link to finalize your donation.
      • This form is needed for our internal audits.
    • All other methods have instructions on the pledge form, and explained below.

There are 4 ways to donate to IUJ

For those from overseas

  1. Flywire – which supports credit cards, paypal, etc.
    • A full explanation and links to the IUJ account are at
    • Please note the following Kanji which you will need on the Flywire site.
      • 寄付金     Donation
    • On the Flywire form, put YOUR name in the “Student’s Name” field, and if you do not know your IUJ Student ID, put 000000 in the Student ID field.

For those from within Japan or overseas

  1. Credit Card (two step process to ensure a secure transaction)
  2. Bank wire transfer 振り込み – Bank information provided on the Pledge Form.
  3. Cash


Click for background Info and early drive reports

Report on the recent URGENT drive (August-September 2020):

COVID19 put the arrival of our incoming students into a flux. Those coming from overseas were required by national policy to spend 2-week quarantine in Tokyo upon arrival. Many could not afford it. Thanks to IUJ alumni we raised more than enough money to support those with financial need.  Here is the summary:

3,848,400yen  donated (or pledged) by 56 alumni plus team Indonesia, and 1 exchange student as of 9/25/2020  THANK YOU. These donations made it possible for IUJ to support all the incoming students who had a financial need* – we did not lose any new IUJ family members!  THANK YOU

*The number of students in need decreased from our original prediction due to some of the scholarship providers deciding to help with the required quarantine hotel stay.  The amount donated will cover our expected need for 2021 as well! We are grateful.

Alternative ways to give back to IUJ

Furusato Nozei donations – 90% of a donation made to Minami Uonuma city comes back to IUJ.  Learn more HERE This is appropriate for those in Japan for tax deductions.

In-kind donations

If money donations are not possible, please support IUJ in other way.

  • Provide JOB info and opportunities – Hire a student!
  • Provide INTERNSHIP projects – Host an intern in a company or international organization
  • Help with new student recruitment through word-of-mouth advertisement and IUJ Ambassador support. Give someone in your network the guarantee of a 50-70% Tuition waiver via the VOUCHER program
  • Join the Alumni Experts program

Thank you!

The photo above features Cenk Gurol IM96 meeting then-student Jami Wu IM03 for an on-campus employment interview.

Progress Report:

6th Fundraising Drive: for IUJ’s 40th Anniversary, in cooperation with the IUJ Board.

                   January 2020 – May 2022

Watch here for special promotion information for the 40th Anniversary!

Goal:  3,600,000yen  (100,000/yen per month for 2 people for 2 academic years)

Current Balance  1,435,888 yen which is 39.8% of our current goal (as of 02/04/2022)

IUJ Founders Club

  • B.P. MBA2007

IUJ Presidential Club

  • No member yet this drive

IUJ Premier Executive Club

  • Desai Venkata, MBA05

IUJ Premier Club

  • Group donation from alumni in Bangladesh
  • Hiroki Saji, MBA2005
  • Priyanshu Sharma, MBA2011

IUJ Honors Club

  • Neelakanth Phadke MBA92
  • Edhi Widjojo MBA95
  • Sokchea Lim, IDP06

IUJ Club

  • No member yet this drive


  • No member yet this drive
Donation Break Down for THIS Campaign: Updated November 2021
Donation Level Value November 2021
IUJ Founders Club 1,000,000 yen or more 1
IUJ Presidential Club 500,000-999,999 yen
IUJ Premier Executive Club 100,000-499,999 yen 1
IUJ Premier Club 50,000-99,999 yen 3
IUJ Honors Club 10,000-49,999 yen 3
IUJ Club Less than 10,000 yen

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Initial and Successful ThANKS Fund Campaign – Donor COMMENTS

Bingwu Xie (IM98) & Jinhui Sun (IM99) writing in from Tokyo
Both Jinhui (IM 99) and I (Bingwu IM98) are very happy to be able to be part of this!

Iggy and Mhu Sison writing in from the Philippines
This is the least we can do after having benefited from an IUJ scholarship about 30 years ago. We have much to be grateful for — an IUJ global perspective, a Japanese cultural immersion and lifelong friendships (including our own marriage made possible by IUJ!).

Lamin Drammeh 1997 MBA writing from The Gambia
“I am thrilled by this noble idea. We, the alumni of IUJ, are obliged to give back something valuable to our school”

Whitney (Smith) Jiranek 1999 MBA writing from New York City
“I loved my time at IUJ and being funded by scholarship was an incredibly generous “gift” I feel I may never know how to repay. I guess I am seeing my donation to this fund as a great contribution towards that.”

Masaru Yokoi IM00 writing from Japan
“As one of Sohei’s children, I would like to follow in his steps and contribute to IUJers.”