By Alumni, For Alumni:

Speaker and Discussion Series

Engage with other alumni on topics of mutual interest. Invite a plus 1 (colleague, prospective student, etc.) to join in as well. Students on campus will be invited to participate.

Presentations will be on ZOOM, and recorded for ON Demand viewing by those unable to attend live. Discussion rooms will open for a continuing dialogue after each session for those interested. The Sign Up site welcomes you to suggest future topics, and/or volunteer your expertise to the next round of talks.

As Jubilant June wraps up, we open the registration for the 2nd half of the series. Please read below and consider engaging with us in this hour-long discussion.

Sunday, Aug. 29 10am Japan time, and Saturday Aug 28, 6pm California time
Gil Aranowitz, MBA Class of 1994
Founder and Creative Strategy Director, The Best Words Win

Topic: “The Hero’s Journey: Using Storytelling Techniques to Power Your Marketing and Sales Messages.”  

Brief Description:
Despite our tendencies to get distracted, it’s been scientifically proven that people pay attention to stories. This session will introduce fundamental story telling techniques to bring relevance and clarity to your marketing and sales messages.

POSTPONED with US holidays. Watch for updates
Lisa Grimm, MBA Class of 1996

Strategic Program Lead, Integrity Web Consulting

Topic: Marketing Technology Innovation Today

Brief Description: How companies and organizations engage with people online – the user experience  – is now the most important differentiator. But designing, building, integrating and maintaining marketing technologies is hard and if not done right, can be very costly and detrimental to a business. Lisa will provide you with ideas and techniques to drive to success.

Past events:

For information on how to access these events and participate in the online discussion channel, contact the Alumni Relations Office.

Sunday, May 16, 3pm in Japan, and 1pm in Cambodia
Rotha Chan, MA Class of 2007
CEO of FWD Insurance

Topic: D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) in the workplace

Brief Description: “Our commitment is to have D&I in our DNA. Gender diversity should not have to be an agenda, and no women should have to pay the price for making it as such.” Rotha will talk about how his company is making D&I a corporate culture backbone.

Sunday, May 30 5pm Japan, and 10am Denmark
Farkhod NIyazov, MBA 2006
Head of Change and Communication, Carlsberg

Topic: Corporate Communications in the Virtual Reality.

Brief Description: Explore with Farkhod the new techniques in a ZOOM world for Corporate Communication. Topics will include
-Everything starts with why
-What is corporate communications
-Goals and objectives of corporate communications
-Main channels of communication
-Real offline vs virtual online communications

On Demand 
Dr. Mukela Luanga, MA Class of 1991
Head, Asia and Pacific Economies Regional Desk, World Trade Organization

Topic: Recent Development of Global Trade Structure

Brief Description: Watch this On Demand lecture given to IUJ student in winter term, and join a discussion with Dr. Luanga later on.  Date and Time to be coordinated with those viewing the presentation.

Sunday, June 13, 11am Japan time and 10am in Mongolia
Bolormaa Luvsandorj, MBA Class of 2000
Kite Mongolia LLC, Founder and Managing Partner

Topic: Social Innovation in Resolving Development Challenges

Brief Description: Social Innovation are important tools in resolving development challenges. Kite Mongolia LLC is a partner of ADB Ventures to find Mongolia’s best impact technology. startups, and to provide a platform for them to access regional networks and opportunities.

Sunday, June 13, 3pm Japan and 1pm Vietnam
Dr. Ha Truong, MA Class of 2006
Faculty of Development Economics, University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University

With guest Dr. Hoang Viet Khang, ADB consultant and former  Director General of Foreign Economic Relation Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment in Vietnam

Topic: FDI and ODA in Vietnam

  • Brief legal status relating to ODA and FDI in Viet Nam
  • Situation of mobilization, management and utilization of ODA and FDI from Viet Nam since 1993 up to now: achievements and bottlenecks
  • Key lessons learned and recommendation
  • FDI in Vietnam post Covid 19

Sunday, June 27, 3pm Japan and 11:45am Nepal
Aruna Pant, MA Class of 2008
Regional Programme Specialist, Adolescent and Youth Development, UNICEF

Topic: Project Planning and Implementation for Successful Outcomes: Adolescent and Youth Engagement.

Brief Description: Learn about successful projects happening in Nepal to get ideas to implement in your region to empower the next generation.

August 8, Sunday, 12:30pm Japan Time (New Date and Time)
Enkhbayar “Ena” Shagdar, MA Class of 2001
Senior Research Fellow, ERINA, Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia

Topic: The Paris Agreement and Northeast Asia

Brief Description: Global warming is recognized as one of the most urgent challenges for human society. To prevent dangerous anthropogenic impacts on the climatic system, the Paris Agreement aims to limit the global mean temperature rise well below 20C, preferably to 1.50C above pre-industrial levels. This requires unprecedented worldwide efforts to halve carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero by 2050. It means that the countries should deeply decarbonize their economies, energy systems, industries, transport, buildings, products and services, while continuing economic growth. What is the current progress of the countries in Northeast Asia to achieve these targets?

Sunday, August 22, 3pm in Japan and 2pm in Philippines — New DATE
Iggy Sison, MA Class of 1989
Chief Corporate Officer, Del Monte Pacific Ltd.

Topic: Pandemic Response and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Brief Description: How does our response to the COVID-19 pandemic align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? How do individuals promote inclusion, resilience and sustainability amidst the pandemic? Are we investing enough in the present to sustain our future?