Japan-Global Development Program (JGDP)

The Japan-Global Development Program (JGDP) is a two-year master’s program offered jointly by the GSIR and GSIM to provide students the opportunity to learn universal development and growth logic in the fields of politics, economy, and management, using Japan’s experiences in economic development and corporate growth as basic case materials.
The JGDP is not intended as a program to train Japan specialists. The logic and lessons from Japan’s experience, both successes and failures, from the 19th Century to date will help future leaders from abroad when they have to think about their strategy for development back home. Thus, the logic behind Japan’s experience can be applied to various global scenarios. That is why we call this program the Japan-Global Development Program. The JGDP enables Japanese students to explain their country’s development logically when they go abroad and helps them to play an active role as global leaders.

Non-Occidental Development Model

The JGDP offers a model of Japan’s nation building in the 19th Century through its continuous development in the 20th Century and its efforts towards sustainable growth in the 21st Century. There is particular emphasis on its approach , management style, and culture, and how they contrast with European countries’ cases.

Practical Knowledge

JGDP students benefit from obtaining skills and knowledge applicable to their respective futures based on Japan’s past experience in various areas including policy making, economic development, and public and business management.

Phases of Development

As Japan grew and changed at an extremely rapid pace from the Meiji Restoration in 1868 to now, its path includes almost every phase of development, which students can relate to their home countries based on their own states of development.

Touch while studying and discussing

IUJ’s strong, practical academic learning environment prepared me for the professionalism and etiquette expected in Japanese companies. This has given me an opportunity to contribute back to society both in Japan and overseas, where I have supported project conception and implementation. IUJ’s scenic location makes you introspective and prepares you for a better tomorrow by keeping your mind ready and your heart at ease. IUJ is the place where I not only got my management education but also found my moments of Zen.

Reeya Unetsubo, (MBA 2015)
Sr. Business development, sales & marketing person- in- charge, Overseas Division Business Development, sales & marketing department, Nippon Signal Co., LTD, Japan.

Learn from IUJ locals

Through IUJ’s Japan Global Development Program, offered in partnership with JICA, I have learned the history of Japan and its strategic use of key industries to develop and modernize the country. This course has given me the opportunity to study the development of specific Japanese industries and apply lessons learned to industries in my own country with practical examples. I look forward to collaborating with Japanese companies and applying practices such as kaizen or jidoka in Burkina Faso.

Thiombiano, Naomy Palamanga Djoulde
GSIM-JGDP class of 2022

Learn from successes and failures

Gaku Funabashi

Associate Professor and Program Director of JGDP

Program Director’s Message

Students can select, adapt, refine and apply what they learn from Japan’s experience for their respective countries and professions. They also can select focused areas of academic work from a wide variety of choices based on their academic background or future careers, including “Foreign Policy,” ”Economic Policy,” “Development Policy,” “Public Management” and “Management.” Along with systematic courses on various Japanese developments, they will study core courses in each concentration area and will receive a master’s degree associated to their concentration.

JGDP Courses (GSIR)

・Modern Japan in the World
・International Relations and Foreign Policy of Japan
・Japanese Development Cooperation: Implementation and Practice
・Postwar Japanese Economic Statecraft
・Postwar Japanese Politics
・Japanese National Security Policy
・Japanese Government and Politics
・Japan’s Education System
・Japanese International Development Cooperation
・Politico-economic History of Japan’s Modernization

JGDP Courses (GSIM)

・Japanese Style Management and Corporate Governance
・Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System
・Japan’s Major industries and Human Resource Practices
・Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Management in Japan
・Business Leaders in Japan
・Small to Medium-sized Firms in Japan
・Agriculture Business and Policy in Japan
・Primer for Industrial Development Policy

Along with the JGDP courses listed above, JGDP students are required to take courses based on respective requirements for their concentration.

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