Paul Chacko

Graduated: 1988
Current Position: Managing Director, Kallang Capital Holdings Pte Ltd

The experience of living and working in a very different culture at a young age influenced my worldview. At IUJ, I realised that there are different approaches to getting to the same outcome. Being in Japan also taught me humility — there is so much about the world we don’t yet know! It pays to absorb and observe before jumping to conclusions. My career after IUJ and Tokyo has required me to work in Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong. Living in Japan helped prepare me for work in very different environments.
Campus life in IUJ is an intense experience of sharing living space with fellow-students from many backgrounds. It gave me insights into many cultures and prepared me for teamwork that has become such an essential part of global business. It has also resulted in many life-long friendships that I cherish!
I recommend IUJ highly to students seeking to blend academics with a great life experience. Professional success is not just about good grades. Leadership achievement in business and government nowadays requires adaptability, cultural sensitivity and teamwork. There are few graduate schools that provide this aspect of education as effectively as IUJ does.