Chapter Guidelines

Guidelines for the World-wide network of IUJ Alumni Association Regional Chapters.

To promote and facilitate networking and friendships between IUJ Alumni in different parts of the world, Alumni Association Chapters were formalized beginning in May 2006 (formal chapters in several cities were in operation before this date). Chairs and Vice Chairs were appointed or elected and asked to provide various services for the association network and campus through March 2008 – the first official term.

Campus and the Alumni Association Executive Council provides non-financial assistance in their programming and activities.

Each chapter shall:

  1. Register itself with Alumni Relations on IUJ campus
  2. Have a Chapter Chair to serve as a contact person for campus and Alumni Association Executive Council in cities where 4 or more alumni live.
  3. This volunteer shall be acceptable by the other members of the chapter and be willing to take active leadership and stay in contact with Alumni Relations on campus.
  4. If possible, a Vice Chair should also be appointed, and informed to the Alumni Relations office to ensure continuous contact in the event the Chair falls out of contact or moves.
  5. Have a “treasurer” or someone willing to be responsible for any money matters of the Chapter activities (this position may be assumed by either Chapter Chair or Vice Chair, or a third person).
  6. Have a membership of at least “4” IUJ Alumni located in the region of the Chapter to be formally recognized. When there are less than 4, the person wishing to take the leadership role will be titled “City Contact.”
  7. Allow any IUJ Alumni moving in to or traveling in the area to participate in Chapter events. On occasion and when appropriate, allow prospective students or those about to enroll in events participate in chapter events.
  8. Require no membership fees (in principle), though participation fees for events will be borne by the Chapter Members. Chapters shall be self-sustained. Members may be asked by the Chair to reimburse them for costs incurred in organizing activities (mailing costs), if necessary.
  9. Hold at least one gathering every calendar year
    • Social gatherings to promote networking and enjoyment among alumni in the area. This is primarily IUJ World Wide Friday, traditionally schedule for the 2nd Friday of September each year. Please share group photos on the WeLoveIUJ Facebook page in real time.
    • Educational event  such as a speaker (IUJ Faculty member or Alumni expert), book review, etc. to continue your educational development even after graduating.
    • Fun and Family (or plus 1) gatherings: Some events organized in the past by Chapter Leaders include: Soccer tournaments, Art gallery visits, family picnics, happy hours, bowling nights, pool parties, wine and cheese tasting outings, USA Baseball outings, etc.
    • Other to assist campus with new student recruiting in coordination with the IUJ Ambassador volunteer program.
    • Etc. For more ideas, please see the Activities Site.
  10. Report to campus before and after events to let us know what is happening! We will put event announcements on the EVENTS homepage, and put reports in the next IUJ Alumni News
  11. Contribute to IUJ Alumni News at least once a year (two editions per year scheduled)

The IUJ Alumni Association shall recognize the Alumni Chapters as divisions of the main association. Alumni Relations on campus shall coordinate with Chapter Chairs to support Chapter events. Alumni Chapters shall be autonomous: IUJ campus nor the Alumni Association will assume responsibility for activities of the Chapter or any problems that may arise.

To Register a Regional Chapter

Check the current Chapter listing to see if one already exists. If not, see if there is a City Contact noted. If not, search the Online Directory by country and city to see if there are enough alumni to constitute a Chapter.

If a Chapter can be formed (more than 4 alumni in or near the city), contact Alumni Relations on campus and state your personal goals for forming an Alumni Chapter. Express your willingness to serve as the first Chapter Chair. State the region your Chapter will cover. Propose a date and location for the first event in your area. Request assistance such as e-mail contacts, etc. for persons in this area. Keep Alumni Relations informed of your events and activities. After the first gathering, contact Alumni Relations with information on the positions outlined above, and participation numbers.

Enjoy the many benefits of an IUJ network in your area!