International Relations Program (IRP)

International Relations Program (IRP)

The International Relations Program (IRP) offers two 2-year MA degrees, one in International Relations (IR), the other in Political Science (PS).

By taking the basic courses for the IR degree, students acquire the basic concepts and theories of international relations, empirical knowledge, and analytical skills. All of these are necessary to understand the diverse aspects of international relations. In the PS program, students study topics such as comparative politics, political institutions, political theory and methodology, with a strong focus on methodology. They thereby acquire sufficient methodological skills to analyze diverse issues in political science.

The IRP also offers various elective courses. Those courses seek to provide more advanced, specific, and up-to-date studies corresponding with the multi-disciplinary nature of the IR and PS fields.

IRP students are expected to develop the capacity to analyze diverse global challenges and propose policy solutions for them.

Knowledge and Skills

You will gain sufficient knowledge and skills to understand, analyze, and evaluate issues in international relations.

Career Opportunity

The knowledge and skills you acquire allow you to pursue successful careers in governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, and international businesses.

Global Network

You will benefit from our network of graduates who occupy important positions in governments, international organizations, universities, research institutes, and media organizations across the world.

Lead Our Future

My experience in IUJ was really a life-changing, humbling and fulfilling experience. It provided me with a strong foundation in the guidance of management which empowered me as a global citizen and helped me to be more competent as a civil servant. Studying in IUJ equipped me with great international network and significant skills that could take me into exciting management and leadership roles. IUJ is the right place in building a community of future leaders who want to make the world better.

Mayril Dizon Arciaga (GSIR-IRP 2020)
Performance Management Section, Officer-In-Charge, Human Resource Management and Development Division,
Department of Finance, Government of the Philippines

Theory and Practice

Share insightful stories that allow you to better understand the world
IRP is a unique opportunity to discuss global issues with students from all around the world. Without IUJ, I wouldn’t have had this kind of opportunity and I wouldn’t have been able to hear insightful stories that allowed me to better understand the world. What I learned at IUJ through professors and colleagues is precious and unforgettable. I would strongly recommend that people who want to study in an international environment select IUJ.

Shinji Shibata, (GSIR-IRP 2020)
International section II, Import division, Alps logistics Co. Ltd. Japan.

Personalized to your research interests

Vida Macikenaite

Assistant Professor and Program Director of IRP

Program Director’s Message

Students in the International Relations Program (IRP) can earn a master’s degree in either International Relations or Political Science. Each equips students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the world, and develops their capacity to analyze diverse global challenges and propose policy solutions for them. With the knowledge and skills they acquire, they can pursue careers in governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, or international business. Finally, they enjoy the benefits of our cozy class format, our dedicated faculty and staff, our beautiful natural setting, and our globally flourishing alumni network.


The core courses for an Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations (IR) offer a solid foundation for understanding the world through the lens of international relations. The core courses for an MA in Political Science (PS) cover broad knowledge in political science, with a strong focus on quantitative methods.


Elective International Relations (IR) courses provide advanced, specific, up-to-date studies in the field. Students in IR can choose among these courses, tailored to their thematic or regional interests. Political Science (PS) has its own elective courses. Choosing among them, students in PS can further broaden their knowledge in political science.

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