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Application & Admissions

Q. What degrees does IUJ offer?

A. IUJ offers the following Degree programs, with all course work in English.


Master’s Degree Programs:

    • International Relations Program (MA in International Relations, MA in Political Science)
    • International Development Program (MA in International Development, MA in Economics)
    • Public Management and Policy Analysis Program (MA in Public Management, MA in Public Policy)
    • Japan-Global Development Program (MA in International Relations, International Development, Economics, Public Management )
    • International Public Policy Program (Master of International Public Policy)

PhD Programs:

    • Economics Cluster
    • Public Management Cluster
    • International Relations Cluster

GSIM - Business School

    • MBA program (Master of Business Administration)
    • 1-year MBA program (Master of Business Administration)
    • Digital Transformation Program (Master of Digital Management)
    • International Social Entrepreneurship Program (Master of Social Entrepreneurship)

IUJ allows students to cross registered between the degree offerings for a customized education that can best help your career goals. (Master’s Programs only) This means and MBA candidate may take courses from the GSIR degrees, and an IDP student may take Finance courses from the MBA program (examples).

Q. How do I apply to IUJ? How do I apply for a scholarship?

A. The IUJ Application process is online at You will find an Application Guidelines to help with each section. All applications are taken online. 

To apply for a scholarship, you MUST apply to an IUJ degree program. If you need a scholarship, you will be guided to a special and supplemental application form online. Submit that for consideration by the application deadlines.

To learn what scholarships are available, please see


Q. What is required to apply to IUJ?

A. As a graduate school, IUJ requires you to have a bachelor’s degree and minimum of 16 years prior formal education, in principle (for those with less than 16 years see the Admissions Guidelines, or ask the Admissions staff) to apply. English language skills are a must to handle course work at the graduate level all in English.

The following items are needed to apply to IUJ:

   1. Completed online Application form (including the checklist**) filled out in English

   2. Personal Statement

   3. Research Topic

   4. College Certificates from all undergraduate and graduate schools attended;

         A) Transcripts

         B) Certificates of graduation/degrees

   5. Recommendation Letter (only if requested)

   6.  English Test Score; TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC Score Report (See exemption policy below)

   7. GMAT score or alternative test score (GSIM applicants). See Admissions Guidelines for details.

   8. Application Fee

   9. Application for Scholarship (for those requiring financial support only)

  10. Copy of the Residents Report (NON-Japanese Domestic Applicants only)

  11. Letter Attesting to Academic Research Experience (for those with less than 16 years of schooling only)

  12. Copy of your Passport (those already holding an internationally recognized passport)

For explanations and details, please see

To start your application, please go to

Applications open in mid September through the last deadline each year.

Q. Do you have an undergraduate program? Do you have a Ph.D program?

A. No undergraduate program is offered at IUJ.

PhD program has launched in GSIR in September 2015.

Q. May I request a waiver of the application fee?

A. The application fee is required of all applicants. There are no exceptions.

Q. Can I use last year’s application form to apply this year?

A. No. IUJ revises its application forms every year. The application form is valid only for the specified selection year.

Q. I am 4th year student graduating this June. I won‘t be able to send IUJ the document certifying my Bachelor’s Degree until June. What should I do?

A. Applicants who are in the process of completing his/her undergraduate program should submit the following documents by the application deadline: 

  • Official transcript showing the courses/subjects completed by the time of application, and
  • An official letter from your current school certifying the specific date and title of the expected degree upon completion of the program.

Q. Will my application fee be refunded if I can’t complete all of the process by the deadline?

A. No. Application materials and supporting documents (including the application fee) become the property of the Admissions Committee once submitted. They will not be returned under any circumstances.


Q. Can I apply for admissions to GSIR and GSIM simultaneously?

A. Yes, you can.

However, the admissions processes are separate. You must submit both completed applications and follow all instructions given by each school in two separate processes.

There are differences in the instructions, deadlines, requirements and rules for GSIR and GSIM.

Furthermore, when applying to the two different schools, two separate Application Fees are required.


Q. Is it possible to apply to the GSIR using the GSIM application form?

A. No. The online application system will ask you to select which program you intend to apply to in the opening screen. You cannot ask GSIR to review what you submit to GSIM and vica versa. But you may create two unique login Application IDs and apply twice – one for GSIR and one for GSIM. Of course, you need to specific which degree within each school you intend to be considered for when you start your application.

Q. There are several different domestic intakes and overseas intakes. Is there a set capacity for each intake?

A. No. There is no set capacity for each intake, although there is a total capacity intake limit for each year.

You can choose any intake. However, the earlier intakes are strongly recommended for scholarship considerations.


Q. Who should I have write my recommendation letter?

A. The recommendation letter can be written by a professor or an immediate supervisor from your workplace.

Q. I do not have any knowledge about International Relations. Can I still apply? (GSIR Only)

A. Yes, you can apply. We accept students with various academic/professional backgrounds. We believe in the diversity in our student body, which is sure to enrich our programs and contribute to creating a stimulating academic environment at IUJ.

Q. May I apply without work experience?

A. Yes, you can apply. There are many students who have entered IUJ without work experience. However 1-year MBA program requires 3 years of full time work experience.

For GSIM programs, you may find the course work more rewarding after you have had work experience. Work experience before IUJ is also recommended by the Career Counselor to help your job hunt for after IUJ.

Q. Do I need to submit a GMAT and a TOEFL score to apply to your MBA/JGDP/DXP? (GSIM Only)

A. Yes, both GMAT and TOEFL* scores are required documents for admission. Your scores must be sent directly to IUJ from the test venders.

You may submit an IELTS or a TOEIC score instead of a TOEFL score.

You may submit a GRE score instead of a GMAT score.

The IUJ Math Test is also an option for DXP applicants. Those MBA and JGDP applicants can choose to take the IUJ math test in the 3rd intake only. Contact the Admissions staff for details.

For GSIR programs, GMAT/GRE are not required, but a TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC are.

*See information on our narrow exemption policies for an English score submission.

Q. Can I submit a TOEIC Score Certificate for application for admission?

A. Yes, you may submit a TOEIC certificate instead of a TOEFL/IELTS score report. The score is valid only for two years from the test date. However, we strongly recommend you to take a TOEFL/IELTS test.

Q. I am applying under the category of "Residents of Japan" (Domestic Applicant). How many interviews will I have? (GSIR Only)

A. Only one interview is necessary.

However, if you unfortunately fail at your first interview, you may still have a chance to re-apply for a second interview. If this is your case, the Admissions team will provide guidance.

Q. Do I have to wait for a year to have a chance to reapply if I fail at an interview for admission as a Domestic applicant? (GSIR Only)

A. Yes and No.
Interviews for Domestic applicants, or the residents of Japan, are offered several times each year. Check the Application Deadlines for this year. You can reapply at any one of the scheduled interviews, but we recommend the earlier interview dates. Please do not miss the final interview. If it is missed, you will have to wait for the next selection cycle.

Q. How much do I have to pay if I want to apply to two programs at IUJ simultaneously? I am applying under the category of Domestic Applicant. (GSIR Only)

A. No additional application fee will be charged if you are applying to two programs within one school (GSIR or GSIM) The 9,000 YEN, which has been paid for your first application, covers any additional applications to be made in the SAME selection cycle and within the SAME school.

If you applied in the past and are applying for this year again, you have to pay the application fee again because the entire application process is new for each application year. Also, if you are applying to both a program within GSIR and one within GSIM, you must pay twice as the application process is separate.

Q. I will visit IUJ to take an interview. What is the easiest way to get to the IUJ Campus?

A. We recommend that you come to IUJ by train. Urasa Railway Station (Niigata prefecture) is the nearest to IUJ. IUJ operates IUJ School Bus between Urasa station and our campus (about 10-minute drive) on weekdays.

When we invite you for the interview we will provide travel information to help you.

Alternatives to the train are cars and buses, though this is not recommended as the commuting time cannot be easily predicted.

Q. Can you recommend a hotel in Urasa?

A. Hotel Okabe is conveniently located across the street from Urasa Station. 0257-77-4747

If you need advice about where you should stay in this area, please do not hesitate to contact: if you are coming for a general visit. if you are coming for the GSIR entrance exam. if you are coming for the GSIM entrance exam.

Q. Can I apply for more than one program offered in the GSIR in the same selection year? If yes, what are the procedures? (GSIR Only)

A. Yes, you can.

You must prepare separate applications and submit them to each program you wish to be considered for.

However, we recommend you choose the one program that fits your career needs best, and then use our Cross-registration system to customize your IUJ experience by taking courses from other IUJ programs.

Q. JASSO Scholarship - what are my chances of getting one?

A. IUJ is allocated a certain number of scholarship slots by JASSO each year. Your chances of being accepted depend on that number against the number of applicants from IUJ each year.

For both those who receive JASSO support in the Fall term, and those that do not, there is a 2nd application process in April to try to renew the scholarship, or get into the program.

Q. What is the difference between (or defintion of) an International Applicant and a Domestic Applicant?

A. Type of Applicants

IUJ receives applications from two groups:

Domestic Applicants (residents of Japan, regardless of nationality. “Resident” means Japanese passport holders who are living in Japan through the Admissions deadlines, or those holding a non-Japanese passport but have a Resident’s Card or Alien Registration card, and with re-entry permissions into Japan on any type of visa at the time of application and through the Admissions deadlines),


International Applicants (residents of countries other than Japan, regardless of nationality. This implies: Japanese nationals with residential permissions in a 2nd country and who are living in that country through the Application/Admissions process; or non-Japanese with no status in Japan through the Application/Admissions)

Admissions guidelines and fees are slightly different for domestic and international applicants.

How much does it cost to study at IUJ?

Tuition at IUJ is 3,200,000yen per academic year for our 2-year programs.

For details of other expenses such as dormitories, meals, etc. please see Budget and Financing.