Digital Transformation Program (DXP)

Digital Transformation Program (DXP)

Our Digital Transformation Program (DXP) trains future managers with particular strengths in the technology domain. Digital Transformation (DX) is not just a matter of implementing novel digital solutions. We envision you being an “orchestra conductor” for DX projects. You will be competent in leveraging the latest technology trends and forging technical blueprints. As a change agent, you will also consider business factors present in your organization, such as strategies, marketing, people, and the environment. You will be able to talk to every functional leader about your DX plans. Finally, you will fine-tune all of them into a transformation.

Many paths are in front of you after you graduate from this program. You might become a manager who wants to make the most of digital technology, an IT specialist who consults on technology projects, or an entrepreneur who starts a tech business.

Solid Foundation

A slew of new digital technologies brings new business opportunities. You can build a solid foundation in just one year and be ready to grab these opportunities.

Career Opportunity

Demand for competent DX managers will be pretty high in the global labor market. Successful completion of our program certifies that you have the essential skills for DX. It opens a path for you to a high-demand professional career.

Japan Uniqueness

Intricate traditions and state-of-the-art technology are woven into modern Japan. You can experience them.

Intersection of technology and business

“The real world is here, beyond my expectations.”
Can you imagine a situation where there are many nationalities in one place? Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas. You can learn a lot from excellent faculty members in class, but more than that, you can experience the real world from all the students at IUJ. IUJ’s program gave me real knowledge about how I can work with people with different backgrounds, which has been a benefit beyond my expectations.

Hitoshi Nakagami, (IMBA 2020)
General Hospital Company, Business Planning Department, Terumo Corporation, Japan.

Ask, “What if?”

During my two years at IUJ, I grew significantly as a person and as a professional, gaining valuable knowledge and skills in business administration alongside various other achievements. Studying at IUJ also helped me score my current role in the consulting industry. The consulting industry is brand new to me, but with the knowledge and skills I obtained at IUJ, I can adapt quickly to diverse international environments and manage projects effectively.
I’ d recommend the university to anyone who wants to enhance their career – it’ s been an amazing, life-changing experience.

Rosalia Ari Sulistyantari, (MBA 2018)
Consulting Service Department, Associate Consultant, Enterprise Business System Solutions (EBSS).

Transformational Leadership

Program Director’s Message

Like previous industrial revolutions, new digital technologies will be disruptive. They are not waiting to happen in the future. Some of them are already here. The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimated that, by 2025, 84 million jobs will be displaced, and 97 million new jobs might be created.

Our program is at the intersection of technology and business. You can join the program from either side. You will take the plunge into the workings of digital technologies and the dynamics of organizational change. You will eventually become a professional change agent.


Core courses provide essential, fundamental knowledge for program participants so they can understand and systematically analyze the subject matter.


Elective courses provide a wide range of choices for program participants, tailored to their needs for developing their careers and interests.


Capstone courses are designed to deepen participants’ knowledge on specific and timely topics and issues that can benefit the program participants.

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