International Public Policy Program (IPPP)

International Public Policy Program (IPPP)

The International Public Policy Program is a one-year mid-career program, designed for diplomats and government officials of countries in Asia, the Pacific, and around the world. It is a program designed in collaboration the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Students in this program will choose their concentration area, either “International Affairs” or “Public Policy”, depending on their professional backgrounds and career goals, and study various discipline-related courses in respective fields.

The program will not only encourage students to look back on and systematize their professional experiences, but also develop them into a body of knowledge with which they can further their professional capabilities. The program will also help students to develop their ability to think about and discuss various international public policy issues from long-term, broad, and diverse perspectives.

Professional Skills

You will acquire advanced professional skills to understand, analyze, and tackle complex international and public affairs

Career Development

The advanced knowledge and skills you acquire will accelerate your career in your chosen profession.

Leadership Enhancement

IUJ’s multicultural learning environment will enhance participants’ leadership skills.

Scholarly Practitioners of the Future

Insightful Leaders of the Future

Professional Analysts of the Future

Hiroshi Kato

Professor and Program Director of IPPP

Program Director’s Message

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, we have witnessed ever-increasing globalized complexity and challenges in international and public affairs, world politics, and humanity as a whole that demand highly qualified, talented, and professional policy makers and practitioners. The International Public Policy Program is a mid-career professional education program designed to equip diplomats and government officials with skills and knowledge in the areas of international affairs and/or public policy and to enhance their leadership and performance in the most proficient manner. The IPPP is fully committed to producing scholarly diplomats and policy analysts.

Basic Courses

Basic courses provide essential, fundamental knowledge for program participants so they can understand and systematically analyze the subject matter.


(International Affairs, Public Policy)

Elective courses provide a wide range of choices for program participants, tailored to their needs for developing their careers and interests.


Capstone courses are designed to deepen participants’ knowledge on specific and timely topics and issues that can benefit the program participants.

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