Job Hunting

In cooperation with IUJ’s Career Counseling and Services, Alumni Relations on campus is happy to offer our alumni the following:

Special Emailing list for Alumni Job Hunters.
Ask to be added to the list to receive emails on job appropriate for IUJ Alumni.? Send a note to This service is for exclusive use of IUJ Alumni and registered Honorary Alumni (former Exchange and special students who have formally registered as an Honorary Alumni

Alumni Resume Bank
If you are interested in placing your resume on the IUJ Online Resume Bank especially for Alumni, please let us know. Instructions for sending in your Resume and the information we need for the Bank are here Or to get started

IUJ Career Web Site
Please make use of the following information and resources.

Career Exploration and Self Study
Discover who you really are and how you fit into the business world based on your interests, values and abilities. Using our Alumni Site License discounts, try out the IUJ Alumni Page for It will match you to various professions showing what your strengths are based on the qualifications for that career path. Extremely comprehensive and full of information, you get $20 off the 60-day fee! See the July 2001 Alumni Newsletter for details.

Alumni too may take advantage of A-CAN, Alumni Career Advisors Network. If you need advise from certain city or company, let us know and we will send you a few alumni to contact. A-CAN is designed for alumni-current student networking, but we welcome you to use it as an alumni as well.

IUJ Alumni may also request to be signed up for services through campus introductions. also welcomes IUJ Alumni to participate in their site and you may sign up directly with them.

Help Campus Help Students
We hope we can count on our alumni to offer advice to students through A-CAN, inform us of job openings, and create an internship in your company for a current student. Please contact Gretchen Shinoda at if you can assist Career Counseling and Services with our growing placement activities and on-campus recruiting schemes. THANK YOU.