Association Activities

Alumni from India and Japan IUJ runs Alumni Relations in three areas: Organizational/Volunteer program groups, Networking support, and traditional services. For details, please refer to our Visual presentation .

Campus has an Alumni Relations office, the Alumni Association elects an Executive Council every three years, and we have about 50 Alumni Chapters around the world. With various volunteer programs and communication services, IUJ boasts a close relationship with our strong global network.

A new 3-year term Executive Council is elected in February every 3 years

Executive Council: The 3-year initiative of the IUJ Alumni Executive Council are:

  • Alumni Networking: To increase the interaction between IUJ Alumni in Tokyo, and world wide: Major annual event is “Bonenkai” a reception held in early December each year, and IUJ Worldwide Friday Tokyo gathering (2nd Friday of September)
  • IUJ-Alumni Relations: Promote interaction between Alumni and campus (faculty, staff and students)
  • Promote fund raising efforts to support the Scholarship Fund – the ThANKS Fund, The Alumni-NaKayama Scholarship Fund.

Your suggestions, ideas and initiatives are welcomed!

IUJ Alumni Relations Office: Current initiatives of campus for IUJ Alumni Association activities are:

  • to keep alumni informed about campus activities through FaceBook page and group, and Email alerts.
  • promote the volunteer programs such as the Ambassadors program who host Info Sessions around the world and communicate one-on-one with prospective students (Student Recruitment activities ),
  • to keep the database updated as info comes in from the alumni,
  • promote World Wide Chapter activities and chapter leadership appointment, and encourage IUJ World Wide Friday participation.
  • distribute newsletter.
  • support the Executive Council activities.
  • update webpage
  • process donations to the Thanks Fund (Scholarship donations).
  • answer email questions from alumni,
  • put alumni into contact when asked, and support global networking
  • maintain the Job Hunters Email list to try to get alumni job opportunities info, etc

Elected Members to the IUJ Alumni Association Executive Council
To serve April 1, 2018 thru March 31, 2021

Council Leaders

  • Chair: Tadashi Inagaki, MBA95 – Japan
  • Co-Vice Chair Mitsuharu Nakano, MBA90 – Japan
  • Co-Vice Chair Yang Yaoyu, MBA96, China


  • Hideyuki Kawashima, MBA90 – Japan
  • Norimasa Teramachi, MBA93, Japan
  • Andy Laver, MBA04, Indonesia
  • Minako Suzuki, MEB10, Japan
  • Priyanshu Sharma, MBA11, India (in Singapore)
  • Nicholas Chapman, MA12 and PhD18, UK
  • Dilip Singh, MEB16, India

The members meet once a month, and open the meetings to interested alumni as well.

If you are interested in running in the next election, or filling in for a member in the case someone stands down, please read the Alumni Association rules and contact the Alumni Relations Office at