MBA Program (MBA)

GSIM’s two-year MBA program empowers students to thrive as versatile managers in today’s complex business environment. What distinguishes us is our commitment to a unique fusion of Western and Eastern management philosophies in intimate class settings, creating an optimal learning experience. The curriculum strikes a harmonious balance with a diverse array of courses and specializations.

Enjoy a hands-on learning journey with core courses, small group seminars, integrated research projects, and a wide range of electives. Our multicultural campus fosters an unmatched environment for global networking and exploring international career pathways.

At GSIM, our dynamic learning atmosphere goes beyond theory, offering practical insights through real-world applications. Join us to unleash your potential, expand your horizons, and emerge as a well-rounded global business leader.

High Recognition

Your MBA is a synonym for business knowledge that allows you to enrich your future profession.

Job Placement

IUJ students benefit from completing internships in widely known and recognized Japanese companies.

Japan’s Uniqueness

Reap a rewarding experience in an attractive country where tradition and modernity mix.

knowledge, skills, and mindset for tomorrow leaders

After graduating from IUJ in 1990, I worked for more than 10 years overseas. My experiences at IUJ have always been a strong foundation which has enabled me to work with people from various backgrounds. Likewise, this new efficient and intensive programme will help you obtain the basic skill set needed to perform in a global as well as “pan-Asian” context.

Hideyuki Kawashima, (MBA 1990)
Former Member of Board of Directors, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.


“I believe that no other experience could substitute for my time at the International University of Japan (IUJ). The series of study and research activities provided valuable opportunities similar to top management experiences. Such activities were undertaken in a very diversified environment. It is not easy to find a place where you can participate in such a globalized community. The faculty has vast expertise while students have different backgrounds and nationalities. Studying at IUJ means not only a chance to develop sophisticated business management knowledge but also to broaden your global human network.

Katsuyoshi Kutsuwada, (MBA 2003)
CEO, Lotus Places, LLC (Former Senior Manager, Sony Co., Ltd.)


“Learn teamwork through practical group work in diversity” A big advantage of IUJ’s MBA program is that we can learn how, in practice, to work in teams by doing group work alongside people with diverse opinions, cultural backgrounds and work experience. I personally learned a lot not only from my professors but also from my classmates, and that made me realize how much I have yet to learn.

Keita Tsujimoto, (MBA 2020)
Staff of HR Department, Chiba Branch Office, East Japan Railway Company, Japan.

Yingying Zhang Zhang

Professor and Program Director of MBA

Program Director’s Message

GSIM’s flagship MBA program stands out, earning recognition from esteemed institutions like The Economist’s “Top 100 Business Schools” and AACSB International Social Impacts. Our curriculum strategically centers on ‘Leveraging Emerging Markets for Global Advantage,’ cultivating essential knowledge, skills, and mindset for success in the world’s fastest-growing economies. In the dynamic business landscape, we actively develop and widely disseminate the latest rigorous ideas.

Moreover, IUJ boasts substantial connections with prominent Japanese and international corporations. Our students seize numerous opportunities to engage with the global business community, gaining firsthand insights into real-world dynamics. We actively encourage students to share their interests, fostering collaborative teamwork, activating leadership, entrepreneurial behaviors, and a commitment to excellence. Join IUJ for a transformative experience that seamlessly integrates academic excellence with real-world application.


Core courses are the building blocks for future professionals who need a 360° perspective to manage their firms.


Choose elective courses in order to personalize your MBA. Select and build your customized curriculum from courses among Finance, Management, Marketing, IT, etc

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