Intensive MBA Program (IMBA)

The COVID pandemic and rapid digitalization of business processes are inducing a paradigm shift in the way we conduct business. Corporations are placing increasing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. The post-COVID-19 business environment requires managers to be cognizant of ESG issues and integrate them in business performance. IUJ’s IMBA program prepares future leaders to meet these new challenges.

The 12-month IMBA program curriculum is compact, rigorous, and demanding . We believe in building core competencies that enable managers to deep dive into innovative business solutions for their businesses. At IUJ, cases are used to better prepare managers to apply what they have learnt to real business situations. The cases focus on issues in both advanced economies and emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. At IUJ, students from diverse nationalities work, play, and learn together on a daily basis in an international environment.

Global Network

At IUJ, we are home to students from more than 50 diverse countries/regions. IUJ’s global exposure helps students gain a holistic perspective (encompassing both a global and a home-based view) that contributes to their growth as a global manager.

Japan Uniqueness

Get a rewarding experience in Japan, a fascinating country where traditions, technology and modernity mix.

Compact Program

The one-year program provides a brief but influential window through which you gain new skills and business knowledge that will enrich your future career path.

Next Generation Leaders

India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sudan, Uzbekistan, and more…during my time at IUJ, I became familiar with these countries as the homelands of my classmates. More than just the content of IUJ’s lectures and coursework, the close bond that develops between students here is one of the university’s great treasures. Because of the diversity of our student body, you have the opportunity to learn both inside and outside the classroom. This unique environment makes IUJ so valuable.

Ryosuke Hanada, (IMBA 2019)
Chief, Mumbai Bureau, Nikkei Inc.

Multicultural Exposure

“The real world is here, beyond my expectations.”
Can you imagine a situation where there are many nationalities in one place? Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas. You can learn a lot from excellent faculty members in class, but more than that, you can experience the real world from all the students at IUJ. IUJ’s program gave me real knowledge about how I can work with people with different backgrounds, which has been a benefit beyond my expectations.

Hitoshi Nakagami, (IMBA 2020)
General Hospital Company, Business Planning Department, Terumo Corporation, Japan.

Aligning Capabilities and Skill Sets to New Challenges

Yuen Leng Chow

Associate Professor and Program Director of IMBA

Program Director’s Message

The on-going global pandemic has brought about a hard rethink about key issues such as climate change, working from home, and online interactions. Understanding the behavioral nuances of people from different countries, educational backgrounds, and culture settings is a necessary skill in today’s business context. IUJ’s Intensive MBA (IMBA) offers you a unique, immersive program to interact with students from all corners of the globe. We are proud to have nurtured numerous highly successful, responsible leaders who excel in their fields. Join them and embark on your own journey with our IUJ IMBA.


Core courses provide essential, fundamental knowledge and skills for future business leaders to understand and analyze business components systematically and adapt them in the real world.


Elective courses will provide a wide range of choices for future business leaders, tailored to suit their needs in developing their careers and interests.


Summer Capstone courses round off the IMBA Program by providing students with practical knowledge to build up their leadership and strategic thinking skills and to increase their awareness of critical ESG issues.

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