Information for IUJ Students

Before you use IUJ Career Support services, please complete your registration on Career Access first.

There is a survey to ask your previous and future career.

User ID: Your IUJ email address before @
PW: IUJ user account password

However, some students are not able to register on it due to scholarship rules which have scholars return to their countries after graduation. For example, JICA scholars except ABE initiative and ADB scholars.

IUJ Career Support often shares job and internship information through emails.

Every IUJ student can subscribe. If you’re interested, please fill out the form below.

Job Hunting in Japan is very unique.

If you want to succeed, you should understand Japanese Job Hunting culture first.

The Guide Book authored by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) explains it in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

JASSO Job Hunting Guide

IUJ Career Support organizes several seminars to support job hunting in Japan.

All seminars are for free. The information will be shared by e-mails.

Please do not miss these opportunities!

  • September

    Career Guidance for IUJ Students

  • November

    How to do Self-Analysis

  • December

    How to write an Entry Sheet and Japanese Resume

  • December

    Alumni Networking (International alumni working in Japan)

  • January

    How to tell your Strength and Weakness?

  • February

    Web Assessment (SPI)

  • March

    Japanese Interview Manner and Mock

IUJ students can participate in the internship program between early July and late September.

Students may work 8 hours a day during the summer school holidays if you have a work permit.

Please note that some students are not permitted to get paid due to the rules of their scholrship.

The Companies list of the students worked as a intern here.

Example of Internship 2005-2021

After graduation, all students are not allowed to stay in Japan with a student residence status even if the expiration date remains.

Please change your residence status by yourself immediately.

Work Visa

If you get a job offer from a company, you will change to “Work” residence status or “Designated Activities” residence status to stay in Japan until your date of employment.

Please follow the company’s instruction and update your status.

Job Hunting Visa

If you continue job hunting in Japan after graduatioin, you need to change to “Designated Activities” residence status.

One of the required documents is a Recommendation Letter from IUJ, and following eligible students can apply for it.

  1. Active Job Hunter
  2. 2nd year student of 2-year program, student in 1-year program and 3rd year student of PhD program

IUJ issues a letter to IUJ active job hunters who meet the following conditions.

  1. Apply for 5 companies at least by the application deadline. You need to show that you have been working hard to find a job in a long period, not a short period. We don’t issue a recommendation letter if you apply for 5 companies in a same time.
  2. IUJ Career Support will have a meeting with the students who have not communicated with us frequently.

Please check the other required materials from the Japanese Immigration Bureau website.

Designated Activities for Job hunting

Application Deadline for Recommendation Letter

Students who expect to graduate in

June           May 31st

August       July 31st

Documents to be Submitted

  1. Application Form
  2. Job Hunting Records
  3. Emails as proof of the above records (Reply from company, Interview confirmation, Result Notice) by PDF or Photos

Procedure before applying for Job Hunting Visa

If your request for a recommendation letter is accepted by IUJ Career Support, please follow the procedure below.

  1. Update the address on your current residence card (Student status card)

After graduation, if you will stay in Minami Uonuma city, please go to the city office and update the address on your residence card after you move to the new apartment.

If you will leave Minami Uonuma city, please go to the city office before you leave Minami Uonuma city and complete the MOVE OUT procedure. You can do it 14 days before you will leave. Then please go to the city office in the city you move to and complete the MOVE IN procedure in 14 days after you move.

  1. Send the both sides of your residence cards to IUJ Career Support by email.


  1. IUJ Career Support will issue a recommendation letter and send it to your latest address by post.


Which Immigration Bureau or Immigration Branch office should you go?

With a recommendation letter and other required documents, you will go to the immigration offices by yourself. The immigration office you should go is decided by the address on your current residence card. You need to go to either a branch office in your residence area or Immigration bureau that branch office belongs to.

For example, if the address on your residence card is Niigata prefecture, you can apply for job hunting visa at either Niigata branch office or Tokyo Immigration bureaus.

Please keep it in mind that you need to go there again when you receive the new residence card after you pass the procedure.

Alumni Career Advisors Network; A-CAN

It is a group of IUJ alumni ready to answer your industry questions or offer advice. They are NOT to hand you a job/internship.
Please access to the following folder in our platform, and read “A-CAN Instrucations” before you contact to alumni.

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IUJ’s Global Women’s / Men’s Mentor Network

These are subgroups of A-CAN designed to match current female students and with female alumni, and male students with male alumni for their academic and professional support. IUJ students can choose an alum to be their direct one-on-one mentor for academic and career advice and development.

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Alumni-Students Mentor Program

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