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IUJ Certificates for Alumni, and how to obtain them.

Types of Certificates for Alumni
IUJ issues the following certificates in a designated manner in either English or Japanese to a student or alumni upon his/her written request.

    • Transcripts:
      This certifies courses taken, corresponding course titles, number of credits, grade and grade point average (GPA). Items such as the title of the degree conferred and the date of graduation will not be included in the transcript until the student graduates.


  • Certificate of Graduation:
    This certifies that the student graduated from IUJ with a Master’s degree.

How to Apply for Certificates
Apply for certificates at the office of the respective graduate school (in person if possible) by using the designated application form. If you are unable to come to the office, apply in writing (mailed letter or e-mail). The office does not accept any application made by telephone in order to avoid improper issuance. Applicants must be the same person as the one designated on the certificate. Someone other than the person designated on the certificate may apply for a certificate if they have the written consent of the person.

Send e-mail message to:
Graduate School of International Relations
Graduate School of International Management

Be sure to indicate your full name, year of gradu ation, and your IUJ Student Number (if you can recall it). Also, please provide the address to where you would like your transcript mailed, which transcript(s) you want and how many of each.

Date of Issue
Certificates become available in the afternoon of the next working day after the application is accepted.

(1) Certificate Fee 300 yen or two (2) International Reply Coupons* per copy
(2) Postage Fee 400 yen or three (3) International Reply Coupons* per address if the certificate(s) is (are) to be sent in Japan. 700yen or five (5) International Reply Coupons* per address if the certificate(s) is (are) to be sent abroad.

The fee must be paid in cash (Japanese yen), Postage Stamps (issued by the Government of Japan) or International Reply Coupons*.
*International Reply Coupon (Coupon-R*ponse International) An international reply coupon is exchangeable in any Universal Postal Union country for one or more postage stamps representing the highest charge fixed for an unregistered letter of the first weight step sent by air to a foreign country. The coupons are sold at post offices that deal with international mail.

For questions, please contact your program office: IR or IM Office. – e-mail addresses noted above.