2nd ThANKS Fundraising Drive (July 2007 to April 18, 2008)

The “Tamaru Revenge” Campaign! 

— NOW CLOSED — Contact Gretchen for info

Tamaru-sensei retired from IUJ in June 2007 after 22 years, and over 6,000 quizzes at IUJ.

To honor her, please contribute to the ThANKS Fund: The Alumni-NaKayama Scholarship Fund, in her name.  Our donations will go directly to supporting an incoming student with a scholarship!  And the best part is you get to take REVENGEon our sensei when you do!

For every alum that makes a donation in her name,
Tamaru-sensei will donate 1,000 yen to our scholarship fund!

Tamaru-sensei says:  “This is your last chance to get back at me for all those quizzes, assignments, and exams!  Rather than sending cards or flowers (though BIG diamonds are appreciated), make me go broke!   Please help make it possible for someone else to study Japanese at IUJ through a Donation – and I will match it with 1,000 yen from my pocket!”

Jason “Eddie” Bowers (IR90) made the first donation in Tamaru-sensei’s name!  With his generous “ThANKS” gift he writes:

Tamaru-sensei is a major character on campus, especially for foreigners as she exhorts us to try harder in Japanese.  She always had time even for the slow ones like me.  I imagine my life would have taken a very different route if it were not for the Japanese ability I acquired by the time I graduated. 

Tamaru-sensei will be kept updated on our donations including any words you send along with them!  And I will bill her later on!!!!

Current Total: 1,018,456yen  — 18.5% of our goal
(this figure is unofficial)

Tamaru-sensei owes:  70,000 yen

Amount transferred from initial ThANKS campaign:  TBA

 Target Goal 5,500,000 yen per year

Donations have been received from the following IUJers in THIS current campaign:
see earlier campaign contributors at  Original Campaign  and First ThANKS campaign

IUJ Founders Club

–No Donor yet in this category for THIS campaign–

IUJ Presidential Club

–No Donor yet in this category for THIS campaign–

IUJ Premier Executive Club

Jason Bowers IR90

Anand Phanse MBA04 – new in 2008

IUJ Premier Club

David (and Lisa D’Angelo) Kaput IR89

Robert Jones MBA92 – new in 2008

Kaoru Hisaeda IR01 and Lan Tran  IR02

Milly Ng, MBA01

Anonymous Alumni Donation(s) (1) – new April 2008

IUJ Honors Club

Keng Wung Lee, IR89 (3rd scholarship fund donation to date!  Thank you!)

John Parker IR89

Gretchen Shinoda IR89

George Pei IR90 – new April 2008

Erik Newton MBA91

Kazal Roy MBA91 – new April 2008

Hang, Xiaoli IR92
Lei Li MBA95

Mitsuhiko Kataoka, IR97  (2nd scholarship fund donation to date!  Thank you!)

Julia (Parton) and Adam Bergman (3rd scholarship fund donation to date!  Thank you!) – new April 2008

Qais Saleh IR97  – new April 2008

Brent Mori MBA97 –  new April 2008

Vishal Varma IR99

Suebie Wong MBA01 – new in 2008

Murni Abdul Hamid IR02 – new April 2008

Vanndy Hem IR02 – new April 2008

Lemon Lim MBA02 – new in 2008

Yinghui Zhang IR03 – new April 2008

Thi Thu Hien Le MBA03 – new April 2008

Bang-Chieh Jami Wu – new April 2008

Cary Feuer IR04

Carson Cheng MBA04

Udom Chuentongaram, MBA05

Satoshi Kurachi Ebiz05

Sirilak Manawongcharoen  – new April 2008

Anonymous Alumni Donation(s) (1) 1

IUJ Club

Paul Johnson (Exchanger) IR89

Minh Dung Bui  IR91- new April 2008

Greg Meline MBA01

Debajyoti Chakraborty MBA04 – new April 2008

Farshid Ghyasi,  Ebiz04 – new April 2008

Suresh Moktan IR06

Anonymous Alumni Donation(s) (2) – new April 2008

Hanoi Chapter – Group Donation of 75,000 from 30 members (2,000 to 10,000 per donation):

Nhan Nguyen, IR02

Lan Tra, IR02

Cuong Mai The, MBA02

Ha  Phan, IR03

Binh Vu Hoang,MBA03

Sy Nguyen, MBA03

Son Nguyen, IR04

Quang Trung Pham, IR04

Viet Su Tran, IR04

Duc Vu, IR04

Trung Hong, MBA04

Hanh Nguyen, MBA04

Cuc Pham, MBA04

Thi Trung Chu, IR05

Hai Luu Nguyen, IR05

Thanh Binh Nguyen, IR05

Trang Nguyen, IR05

An Ngo, IR05

Thi Phuong Tu  Ho, MBA05

Thi Le Dung  Le, MBA   05

Thi Phuong Vu, IR06

Khanh Tran, IR06

Thanh Xuan Nguyen, IR06

Hoa Nguyen, MBA06

Thi Nguyen, MBA06

Minh Tran, MBA06

Liem Nguyen, MBA06

Thanh Ha Nguyen, IR06

Thi Cam Van Cao, IR07

Nguyen Van Anh, IR08

Special Donations

Matsuyama-sensei’s donation from heaven* and Tamaru-sensei’s desk clean up donation

25,000 yen plus a button

Donation Break Down for THIS Campaign.

















Donation Level Value THANKS Fund “Tamaru Revenge” Members
IUJ Founders Club 1,000,000 yen or more
IUJ Presidential Club 500,000-999,999 yen
IUJ Premier Executive Club 100,000-499,999 yen 2
IUJ Premier Club 50,000-99,999 yen 5
IUJ Honors Club 10,000-49,999 yen 26
IUJ Club Less than 10,000 yen (not eligible for tax deduction in Japan) 37
Other various 1*

*Tamaru-sensei, in cleaning up her office after retiring, discovered an envelop of money left over after a Photo Exhibit in honor of Matsyama-sensei’s retirement in the late 1980s. She put that, with miscellaneous left over money from various BBQ parties, bday parties, etc. that she found in her desk in one donation to our ThANKS Fund!  25,000 yen!