Student Visa Info

Proxy Application Procedures:

In the Proxy Application, you must take the following steps:

Please note that CoE is issued in digital format, which means there is no hard copy.

  1. You submit the required documents to the Office of Student Services (OSS) of IUJ via email by the deadline instructed by IUJ.
  2. IUJ reviews your documents and gives you feedback.
  3. As soon as the documents are completed, you must airmail them (Original documents) in hard copy to IUJ.
  4. IUJ applies for your Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) for a Student Visa.
  5. Once the Immigration Office approves/issues your digital CoE via email to IUJ, IUJ will forward the mail to you.
  6. You take the CoE to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction over your current address to apply for a Student Visa.

The following outlines the basic schedule:

(1) Submitting documents by the deadline
All documents should be completed in typewriting and returned to the OSS at IUJ by the deadline instructed by the OSS. If there is no specific problem with your application and the other required documents, IUJ will ask you to airmail them to us. Then IUJ will submit your documents to the Immigration Office as your proxy. It will normally take about one or two months after submission to have it assessed by the Immigration Office.

(2) Receiving your CoE
We will finish submitting all applications to the Immigration Office about 2 months before your trip to Japan, in principle. We will send your CoE to you via EMS (Special Express Delivery Mail) or DHL as soon as we obtain it from the Immigration Office. If your CoE does not reach you 2 weeks before your trip to Japan, please let us know.

(3) Applying for a Student Visa
After you obtain your CoE from IUJ, you must go to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate that has jurisdiction over your current address to apply for a Student Visa. We strongly recommend that you contact the Embassy/Consulate in advance to find out what other documents they require. The requirements and schedule for issuance are different from country to country, and IUJ cannot give you advice on this.

(4) Entering Japan with a Student Visa
Please note that you must enter Japan within 3 months from the issue date of your CoE. Otherwise your CoE will become invalid. If there is any possibility that your arrival to Japan will be beyond 3 months after the issue date, please inform the OSS.