Alumni Association Membership

Welcome back to the IUJ Family!

Those that graduated from IUJ most likely already paid their Alumni Association fee before leaving campus.
If you did not, and would now like to join, follow the procedures below.

We are very happy to offer our former Exchange and Special Students, our former SUMMER program students, and our former Faculty Members Honorary Membership in the IUJ Alumni Association. Please follow these instructions to pay your 3,000 yen membership fee. Please remember to Register and request a Password, and then update your online profile as well! Former Faculty members, please contact Gretchen for assistance using.

To join the Association as an Honorary Member, please use this payment site, and choose “Other” and FLYWIRE as the option for those overseas.

As an alternative, those in Japan making a significant donation through Furusato Nozei, or those donating to the ThANKS Fund also become Honorary Alumni.

Any questions?  Please contact Gretchen Shinoda at