Email Service for Alumni

IUJ’s email system is taking a huge hit due to junk mail, large attachments and overused memory allocations. For this reason, the MLIC Computer staff has been forced to switch servers and put limits on the amount of memory available to all users.

Alumni too are affected.
Alumni can no longer use their @iuj email account to store messages on the IUJ server, in principle. Please change your Primary Email address to something other than @iuj and ask the Alumni Office to have your @iuj email forwarded to your more active email account. In this way, your friends can still send you a message using your @iuj USERID. However, instead of storing it at IUJ for you to read, our system will automatically forward it to your Primary Email address. Be sure that email does not block IUJ’s account.

If you are very much in need of an @iuj email account, including a small amount of memory allocated for your email storage needs, you may ask for a special email account. If your account is inactive for more than 60 days, or if it exceeds the memory allocation, IUJ reserves the right to delete the service. This service is for full IUJ alumni only. Honorary Alumni may not request this special exception.

If you have not yet requested a password and access to the Online Alumni Directory and Profiling service, you must first do that. Please register here before trying to log into the Special Email Service request page.