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IUJ Certificates for Alumni and how to receive them

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Types of Certificates

IUJ issues the following certificates to an alumnus upon his / her written request.


This certifies courses taken, corresponding course titles, the number of credits, grade and grade point average (GPA). The title of the degree conferred and the date of graduation, etc. are also included in the transcript. You should choose either English version or Japanese version.

Certificate of Graduation:

This certifies that the student graduated from IUJ with a Master’s / Ph.D. degree, and specifies the title of the degree conferred and the date of graduation. This certificate is bilingual form.

Certificate of Medium of Instruction:

This certifies that IUJ offers residential graduate programs taught entirely in English. You should choose either English version or Japanese version.

How to Apply for Certificates

Please provide us with detailed information about your request by completing the Application Form. Download it by clicking on the button to the right. Please submit the completed form to the following appropriate E-mail address:

Include a copy of your passport information (i.e., the page with your photo) along with the application form for verification purposes. A copy of your Japanese driver’s license is also acceptable for verification. These documents should be sent in PDF format, and should be of the following quality:

  • Scanner: 300 dpi (or more) resolution in high quality color
  • Smartphone or digital camera: 500 megapixel (or more) resolution in color

If the files are not clear enough, we might ask you to send them again, which will delay the application process.

IUJ does not accept applications from people other than the person designated on the certificate.

Receipt Acknowledgement

After receipt of your application form, a staff member of the Office of Academic Affairs at IUJ will send an acknowledgement within two business days*.


Payment by Credit Card

If you select payment by “Credit Card,” you will receive an E-mail entitled “Payment Instruction” from within three business days* after your application is received. This E-mail contains a specific link to an online form on which you provide your credit card details. If you do not receive a “Payment Instruction” E-mail within three business days, please check your junk mail folder and Spam folder in your E-mail service first, as your service may automatically classify the message as “junk”. If you cannot locate the E-mail, please contact with your full name.

Once you receive the “Payment Instruction” E-mail, please complete the linked online form and click on the submit button on the form. You will receive an E-mail entitled “Your Order Confirmation” from soon after the submission of the online form.

Payment by Bank Transfer or Cash

If you choose another payment option, either “Bank Transfer” or “Cash”, please proceed with the payment procedure on your own.

* Bank transfers are only accepted from banks within Japan.

Certificate Issuance – Timing and Method

Certificate(s) are issued on the following day after your payment is confirmed. However, due to the national/special holidays and weekends, it may take more than a week for us to issue the certificate(s). In addition, there may be shipping delays in the delivery of the certificate(s). Therefore, please note that certificate delivery may take a few weeks to complete.

Lastly, please note that IUJ does not issue an electronic version of certificates, nor send them by E-mail. Thank you very much in advance for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact either GSIR or GSIM staff at the E-mail addresses mentioned above. 

* “business days” exclude Saturday, Sunday, Japanese National Holidays, and the New Year Holiday, which is approximately between December 25 and January 5 (Note that there may be slight variations in the period of “New Year Holiday” depending on the year.)

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