GSIR’s degree programs are internationally recognized. PMPP and IDP are solidly ranked at No.11 and No.18 respectively in Asia by the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2019. IUJ is one of the four selected partnership-track universities in Japan by the IMF.


The greatest strength of GSIR is the diversity of both student body and faculty as well as the variety and number of course offerings, absolutely suitable for both capacity building and research. With its English medium of instruction, our curricula are of international standard.


GSIR has established strong academic links with renowned universities in North America, Europe and Asia through student exchange and linkage degree programs and other forms of academic collaboration. It also maintains cooperation with Japanese and International organizations for career development.

Japan Focus

While IUJ’s main focus is global education, as a university located in Japan, we want to add Japan focus to our education by providing many courses in which students can learn about Japan. Japan-Global Development Program (JGDP) with 16 courses was created for that purpose. Students can join this program or after joining other programs can obtain Japan Focus Certificate by taking four JGDP courses.

We have strong connection with Japanese government and industries and have many interactions with them in our education. This is our additional Japan focus.

About GSIR

The International Relations Program (IRP) at IUJ provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary understanding of major trends and current issues in contemporary international politics, economics, and society. Special emphasis is placed on developments in the Asia-Pacific area and on Japan in particular.

The educational purpose of the International Development Program (IDP) is to train students as analysts, practitioners and administrators who have acquired a scientific way of looking at important issues in society.

The Public Management and Policy Analysis Program (PMPP) at IUJ is a global graduate program for future leaders in the public sector. PMPP is ranked at No.11 in Asia by the Eduniversal Best Master Ranking 2019.

The International Public Policy Program is a one-year mid-career program, designed for diplomats and government officials of countries in Asia, the Pacific, and around the world. It is a program designed in collaboration the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Japan-Global Development program (JGDP) is a newly established two-year master’s program to provide students the opportunity to learn universal development and growth logic in the fields of politics, economy and management, using Japan’s experiences in economic development and corporate growth as basic case materials. The JGDP was jointly developed by JICA and IUJ under the JICA-DSP.*

The PhD program, according to specialized research areas, consists of 3 clusters that are formulated by further developing the 3 existing Master’s programs in GSIR, i.e.,“International Development Program,”“Public Management and Policy Analysis Program” and “International Relations Program.”