Student Visa Info

Required Documents for a CoE:

Documents required for getting a CoE differ depending on your financial condition. The Immigration Office will strictly examine the financial status. In order to avoid any suspicion on the part of the Ministry of Justice, please carefully check all your certificates before sending them to IUJ to be sure that all lettering, seals and stamps in your certificates are clear.

Please prepare the following documents according to your financial backing.

Financial Background & Scholarship Status
Sponsored by company/government Nominated for scholarships with tuition and stipend
(eg, IUJ Type-A, ADB, AEON, Goldman Sachs, World Bank, etc.)
Nominated for scholarships with tuition only
(eg, IUJ Type-B, S, C, Sojitz, JT, etc.)
Self-supported or recipient of other scholarship(s)
1. Application form o o o o
2. Copy of your passport o o o o
3. Mailing label o o o o
4. Your photo
o o o o
5. Sponsorship statement o x x x
6. Scholarship award x x x o
recipient only)
7. Extra documentation on financial backing x x o o

o=Required, x=Not required

Explanation of Each Document noted above

1. Application form

Please fill out the application form and send it back to the OSS, with the required documents by the deadline instructed by the OSS.

Please refer to the samples of how to fill out the application form when filling it out.

  • If you make a mistake on the form, please cross the word(s) out using double lines and put your signature near the mistake. Then add the correct information clearly. Do NOT use liquid paper or any other erasing white-out techniques.
  • Note to students whose names include characters other than Roman letters A-Z (also referred to as Classic Latin characters): Please write down your “Name” using alphabet (Roman) characters exactly as it appears in the machine readable part of your passport in the item 3 (Name) in the application form. Please do not use non-Roman alphabet characters such as ë, ä, ö, ů, ĕ and etc.

2. Copy of your passport

Please submit a clear copy of your identification page(s) with photo, date of birth, place of birth, validity date, and passport number. Be sure this passport will be valid for at least a full 6 months after your arrival at IUJ. If it will expire sooner than 6 months, have it renewed or apply for a new passport now.

3. Mailing label

Fill in clearly the address and phone number (important) where we can reach you in late August and send it back to the OSS. IUJ will use this label to send you your CoE in August.

4. Your Photo

Please be sure the size is accurate (3cm wide x 4cm long), the background should be plain white or light blue, and it must have been taken within the past 3 months. It should be professionally printed (not printed on home equipment). Clearly print your name and IUJ application ID on the back of the photos. If you are wearing a head covering for religious or medical reasons, you are required to submit a letter explaining the reasons (there is no set format).

5. Sponsorship statement

If you are a company/government employee and your employer sponsors your studies at IUJ, please attach the original statement of sponsorship from your sponsor. The statement must include the following contents:
(1) Proof that you are currently employed by the company/government;
(2) Proof that you will be financially supported by the company/government; and
(3) Conditions of the sponsorship (ie, period of sponsorship, amount, etc.)

6. Scholarship award

If you are awarded a scholarship which is not arranged through IUJ, you are required to submit the scholarship award information (including scholarship name, period of grant, amount, etc.)

7. Extra documentation on financial backing

If you are self-supported or awarded/nominated for a scholarship that does not cover a monthly stipend, you need to show to the Japanese Ministry of Justice that you have sufficient funds to cover the expenses during your stay at IUJ. This documentation can be:

  • Copy of a student loan contract;
  • Scholarship award (from sources outside the IUJ scholarship program); or
  • Official statement of your (or your sponsor’s) bank account:

All documents should include the institution’s name and logo, address, tel/fax number, and the institution manager’s name, title, and signature.

If you will have the financial backing of your family member or another “sponsor”, you will also need to present: 
a) Your birth certificate to prove the relationship between you and the family member supporting you;
b) A signed statement demonstrating that your family member guarantees to support you through your IUJ studies; and
c) A notarized English translation of a) and b) above, if they are written in a language other than English.

The Immigration Office does not indicate exactly how much money is sufficient. According to our experiences, however, your CoE application is arguably accepted if you (or your sponsor) maintain the balance as in the table below:

Note to applicants nominated to the ADB, KMMF, AEON, and the World Bank: The result of scholarship selection will be announced in late July. In order to obtain a CoE in time, however, you need to prepare your application before the screening results are announced. Please leave the scholarship-related sections in the application form blank, and send all the required documents to IUJ as soon as possible.

Your IUJ status Financial Condition Amount Calculation basis
2-year Program Tuition covered JPY 1,200,000 (JPY 100,000 x 12 months)
Tuition not covered JPY 3,400,000 (JPY 100,000 x 12 months + JPY 2,200,000)
1-year Program Tuition covered JPY 1,200,000 (JPY 100,000 x 12 months)
Tuition not covered JPY 4,600,000 (JPY 100,000 x 12 months + JPY 3,400,000)
PhD Program Tuition covered JPY 1,200,000 (JPY 100,000 x 12 months)
Tuition not covered JPY 2,550,000 (JPY 100,000 x 12 months + JPY 1,350,000)