Background Info and previous ThANKS Fund campaigns

  • About the ThANKS Fund (distributed in May 2006)
  • 4th drive June 2012 to April 2017  — We only achieved 53% of the goal, leaving our fund balance at ZERO.  Details here
  • 3rd Fund Raising campaign results:June 2008-May 2012 – Pres. Mori matching donation campaign 1.
  • ThANKS Fund: “Tamaru-sensei Revenge” campaign Results and contributors. July 2007 – April 2008. Tamaru-sensei is very grateful to those that got involved! So is the Alumni Assoc. Executive Council.
  • Original ThANKS Fund drive Results and contributors, May 2006-May 2007 – THANKS to all those that gave Comments from those who donated
  • Initial Fundraising Drive Results and contributors – May 2002 – Dec. 2005 THANKS to all those that