5th Fundraising Drive May 2017 to December 2019

Our ThANKS Fund hit zero in April 2017.  We were hoping for multiple generous support to be able to keep this important scholarship going in the 5th drive, however we fell far short. Instead IUJ relied on other sources to help the 2nd year students with a stipend, in the name of this fund.  To all those that did donate, we are sincerely grateful. We hope for your continued involvement, and encouragement of your IUJ classmates to join in!


Goal:  3,600,000yen  (100,000/yen per month for 2 people for 2 academic years)

Ending Balance  646,565 which is 18% of our the goal (as of 11/14/2019)

IUJ Founders Club

  • No member yet this drive

IUJ Presidential Club

  • No member yet this drive

IUJ Premier Executive Club

  • No member yet this drive

IUJ Premier Club

  • Guillaume De Lapeyriere (IR1990)
  • Edhi Widjojo (MBA95)
  • Carson Cheng (IM2004)
  • Desai Venkata (IM2005)
  • Manu Bansal (IM2005)
  • Hiroki Saji (IM2005) – new!
  • Grace (Sanico IR2006) and Joerg Steffan (MBA exchange) – new!

IUJ Honors Club

  • Steven White (1988)
  • Hideo Watanabe (IM94)
  • Lei Li (IM95)
  • Adam and Julia Bergman (IR97) x2
  • Zulqarnain Anjum (IR2000) x 2
  • Michitomo Kitabayashi (IM2000)
  • Thomas Meth (IMExchange 2001)
  • Renee Bajor (IM2001)
  • Vijay Raju (IM2008) x 2
  • Stanley Currier (IR2010)
  • Otgonbaatar Byambaa (IR2010)
  • Vikram Gawande (MBA11)
  • Nichole Allen (IR2013) x 3
  • Sayaka Gammon (MBA2015)
  • Igor Mariano (IR2016)
  • Anonymous

IUJ Club


Donations received in May 2017 at the IUJ HomeComing events     65,000

Donation Break Down for THIS Campaign: Updated November 2019
Donation Level Value December 2018:
IUJ Founders Club 1,000,000 yen or more  
IUJ Presidential Club 500,000-999,999 yen  
IUJ Premier Executive Club 100,000-499,999 yen  
IUJ Premier Club 50,000-99,999 yen 7
IUJ Honors Club 10,000-49,999 yen 20
IUJ Club Less than 10,000 yen
(not eligible for tax deduction in Japan)
Other various