Meet some of IUJ’s innovative Entrepreneurs

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Mitsuharu Nakano, MBA/1990 Japan

President and CEO, SilverRay Capital, Inc.

This Private Equity firm aims to contributes to the revitalization of the regional economy through “Business succession”, “corporate restructuring”, “industrial restructuring” and “growth investment”

Mr. Nakano is also involved in the solar energy industry. He became Adviser to EPARK, Inc, one of the biggest reservation sites in Japan (20mil users) and Executive Managing Director of AJ Networks Co., Ltd. Japan, the largest general rental company in South Korea.

Paul Consalvi, IRP/1991  USA

Managing Director, Next Unit, a Corporate Training/ Business Development/ WebMarketing firm in Tokyo
Industry: Internet, Training

This  company manages the  and     networks. His latest venture is to build a marketing and quality control platform to transform professional development industry by connecting learning enthusiasts to highly-skilled instructors and providing convenient and cost effective venues.

Patrick Buchanan,    IRP/1992   USA

Founder, Buchanan Management, Inc., and Independent Consultant to Energy Network

Project Management focusing on emergency response & recovery. BMI has expanded into brokering energy services – Electricity, Natural Gas, Water Flow Management, LED, Solar – evaluating current energy budget supply-side and demand-side strategies, while optimizing the implementation of new and developing technologies.

Neelakanth Phadke, MBA/1992  India

Founding Chairman of two companies: Nipun Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. (Insurance, Non-life insurance& Life Insurance); and Nipun Investments Managers Pvt. Ltd. (Investments – Stock trading and mutual funds investment)

Naresh Makhijani, MBA/1993    India/Indonesia

President Director of PT OTI Transformational International in Jakarta, Indonesia

Management Consulting, specializing in assisting companies in Strategy Execution.

Also, author of 3 books, 25 white papers, and host of TV series on Performance Management.

Jay Dwivedi, MBA/1994   India/USA India/Indonesia

President, xInvest Consultants based in MA, USA

“xInvest Consultants provides guidance on driving enterprise-level growth to C-suite executives at Fortune 500 companies.”

Cheng Woi Tan,    IR/1995    Malaysia

Founder of Nukleus Innerwear,  an eco-friendly fashion brand with a conscience

Wisnu Gardjito, MBA/1995   Indonesia

CEO and Owner of several companies in the Coconut Agroindustrial Production industry

  1. Sumber Kelapa Indonesia Coy.(Indonesia)
  2. Brunindo Sdn Bhd (Brunei)
  3. Wiga Raja Kelapa Coy. (Indonesia)
  4. Sumber Rejeki Coy
  5. Green Coco Island

Ian Walcott, IR/1996  Barbados

President, Global Expert Systems, which does business conferences, training workshops and Digital Marketing consulting

Bingwu Xie   IDP / 1998   Japan, Hong Kong, China

Founder, Value Alert Limited.

The firms invests in real estate properties and businesses mostly in the fields of hotel management, education, etc. It also provides business consulting, investment advisory and asset management services to its investors and business partners.

Before founding his own firms, Bingwu has completed many transactions across Asia region since 2000, mostly in Japan, China and Southeast Asia and has served as senior executives at various investment institutions.

Masaru Yokoi  /  MBA 2000   Japan

Director of Nippon Ski Resort Development, Co., Ltd. JAPAN (2014-Now)

With management practices and experiences in real estate asset advisory, investment banking and private equity, pursuing the opportunities to enhance local business corporations for regional development and area service providers.

For past career, Wealth Management, Inc. (2006-2014), Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisor, Inc. (2003-2006), and the Industrial Bank of Japan (1991-2003).

Koichiro Akahori, MBA/2002  Japan

Founder, Explorers Japan Inc. エクスプローラーズジャパン株式会社, 代表取締役
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Inbound Tourism, offering private tours to tourists coming to Japan and consulting service to private sectors and local governments who want more tourists from outside of Japan

Weerada Sucharitkul, IRP/2003   Thailand

Cofounder of FilmDoo, a global online movie streaming platform helping people to discover and watch great films from around the world, based in the UK

Flavio Souza, Ebiz/2003 and MBA/2005  Brazil

Founder and CEO, Fullcircle Innovations, a digital marketing agency that focuses on social media promotions, smartphone applications and brand/marketing/trends consultancy.

Andreas Sollund, MBA/2004   Norway

Founder and Board Member, House of Nerds, an eSport, gaming, and event franchise based in Norway.

Founder and Partner, Step2Web, digital solutions and marketing based in Oslo

Nick Rossiter, MBA/2004  Australia

Founder & Executive Director Roclin Global Sourcing, a primarily China-based sourcing and quality control company that works as a partner with Western companies to supply them low-cost, quality products and components from factories in China and other low-cost countries.

Mohammed Upal, Ebiz/2010 Bangladesh

Founder and CEO, WebHawksIT

WebHawks helps SaaS & Software Companies with the cost-effective engineering talent that follow agile best practices. They serve clients in Japan, Malaysia, USA and beyond.

WebHawks IT, started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011. His company has been experimenting with various business models and developing project-based IT product/services for clients in Japan and abroad. In 2015, WebHawks officially incorporated in Bangladesh; in the same year they introduced a TeamSourcing IT service business model in Japan and the USA, and now Malaysia

Phensuda Methasan,   Ebiz/2011  Thailand

CEO, Methasan Company Limited, and 999 Insurance Broker Company based in Bangkok

An insurance broker company who compares and sells the best and suitable insurance products to the customers.

Thuy Dieu Vu    IRP/2012   Vietnam

Founder and CEO, Sevencoloriris Inc., the first Business Assistance Service provider in Vietnam, provides business assistance services for foreign individuals and companies who want to move and/or start their business in Vietnam.

Yahor  Kazlou  MBA / 2012   Canada

Founder, and Free Lance Consultant

Rokkie Consulting. Focusing on service to support foreign services entering Japan market, and providing advice on latest digital and technology trends