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Establishment of IUJ Case Center

The Graduate School of International Management (GSIM) at International University of Japan (IUJ) opens on October 16th 2015 the IUJ Case Center (hereinafter referred to as “ICC”).

The mission of GSIM emphasizes on developing socially-responsible global business leaders. We at GSIM highly value ethical integrity and professionalism. To intensify the engagement of our students with practitioners and real world business practices, we are organizing various on-site visits, workshops, and are promoting case method as our main pedagogy. The ICC is established with the vision of fostering these activities.


“To contribute to management education through high quality research, development, and publication of case studies on organizations, especially in the Asian context.”

Sound managerial decision-making requires the ability to integrate information and knowledge from across functional areas. Such capabilities can be nurtured in a classroom by creating an environment wherein students are compelled to integrate concepts from across various disciplines in arriving at a decision. From the pedagogical point of view case studies and discussions provide an excellent way to achieve the same.

We, at IUJ, aim to leverage our close association with our industry and institutional partners in contributing to management education by developing high quality materials for the academic, and the practitioner communities. Currently we are engaging with fifty-four sponsoring corporations within the framework of the Global Partnership Program for the human resource development and best business practice enhancement through degree and non-degree executive trainings.


  • Facilitate the development of case studies by encouraging interactions between academia and industry
  • Publish case studies developed by or in collaboration with the center’s members
  • Promote interdisciplinary approach in delivering management education
  • Promote the case method of teaching across educational institutions in the Asia Pacific region

Additional Activities

In addition to the development of case studies on managerial decision-making, the ICC will facilitate and engage in the development of supplementary teaching materials in the form of:

  • Background notes on specific management concepts
  • Opinion pieces based on interviews with business leaders
  • Industry Analyses
  • Working examples in the form of management games, worksheets and in-class exercises
  • Organizing workshops on the case method of teaching

Center Management

Director: Dr. Zaw Zaw Aung

Deputy Director: Dr. Alessandro Comai,  Dr. Yingying Zhang Zhang

Cases work-in-progress

Peach Aviation – What kind of flowers will bloom?

Bottled-water industry of Uzbekistan: Survival Strategies

Matsuda Denki: The Biggest Challenge in Thailand

ANA Wing Fellows Vie Oji: Creating Value for Society

Kagome: Local Taste, Global Talent

A list of cases produced by JICA-IUJ joint research

As a part of Japan-Global Development Program (JGDP), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and International University of Japan (IUJ) have been conducting a joint research. We have produced case materials to provide international students the opportunity to learn universal development and growth logic in the fields of politics, economy and management, using Japan’s experiences in economic development and corporate growth.

  • Cases produced by IUJ faculty

1 The reforms and postwar Japanese economic performance from 1946 to 1993 by Tsutomu Yokose; Cheickna, Sangare (1-Apr-20)

2 The possibility of “Six Sector Industrialization” in Kyrgyzstan Agricultural Products by Tsutomu Yokose; Kubanychbek, Isabekov (1-Apr-20)

3 FUJITA TECHNO Inc. by Tsutomu Yokose (1-Apr-20)

4 The Transition and Characteristics of Japan’s Healthcare System by Tsutomu Yokose; Chipo, Jaya (1-Mar-20)

5 Japan Agricultural Cooperatives: Its roles and challenges by Tsutomu Yokose; Shun Ogata (1-Apr-22)

6 Sunpower’s entrepreneurship development and technology transfer in developing countries by Tsutomu Yokose; Minako Suzuki (1-Apr-22)

7 Air Accident Investigation in Nepal: Why the Need for Improving or Re-designing? by Tsutomu Yokose; Mukesh Dangol (1-Apr-23)

8 Biomass Resin by Kazuhito Kamiya -Entrepreneur mindset for continuous startup by Tsutomu Yokose (1-Apr-23)

The cases produced by JICA-IUJ joint research are available on request at free of charge. Please fill up the request form with the link below to download.

A partial list of business cases produced by IUJ faculty

Sunpower: A Case Study -Integrating Leadership and Career Development, into a Social Business Model- by Minako Suzuki (7-Jan-21)

Masao Ogura’s Haulage Revolution: Home Delivery Service (Takkyubin) by Sáez, Francisco J.; Riquelme, Hernán; Kase, Kimio (5-Aug-05) DG-1484-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Nissan: The Ghosn Era by Kase, Kimio; Riquelme, Hernán; Sáez, Francisco J. (8-Aug-05) DG-1482-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Chihiro Kanagawa, President of Shin-Etsu Chemical by Sáez, Francisco J.; Riquelme, Hernán; Kase, Kimio

SOBOCE: Turnaround and Growth in an Unstable Economy by K. Kase, F. Escobar, P. Parada (28-Oct-05)

Norio Ohga: The Fifth President of Sony Corporation, by Sáez, Francisco J.; Riquelme, Hernán; Kase, Kimio (20-Jan-06) DG-1481-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Adecco: Sports Sponsorship as Part of a Company’s competitive Strategy by YÁÑEZ O.; MARTÍ, CARLOS; KASE, KIMIO ( 31-Aug-06) DG-1492-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Time Out (A): Signing Up a Basketball Player by YÁÑEZ O.; MARTÍ, CARLOS; KASE, KIMIO; URRUTIA DE HOYOS, IGNACIO ( 26-Fb-07) C-743-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Time Out (B): Parents Also Play by Yáñez O.; Martí, Carlos; Kase, Kimio; Urrutia de Hoyos, Ignacio (26-Feb-07) C-744-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Liu Chuanzhi, Lenovo’s founder by K. Kase, F. Xu (15-Oct-07) DG-1521-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Banco Santander: CEOs as Leaders and Strategy Designers by KASE, KIMIO; MARINELLI, FEDERICO (3-Jun-09) SM-1534-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

A Tale of Two Logicos: Clash of Inductive and Deductive Reasoning in Launching a New Technology by
A. Slocum, K. Kase        (18-Nov-10) SM-1563-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Imperial Japanese Army: The Essence of Failure by K. Kase (24-Feb-11) SM-1558-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospitals: Dr. Beat Richner’s Lifework by K. Kase, L. Olivares (4-Mar-11) SM-1548-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Stan Shih, Acer’s Founder by GUERRERO, ANTONIO; KASE, KIMIO (28-Apr-11) SM-1557-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Huawei: A Silent Chinese Telecom Multinational by ZHANG, YINGYING; KASE, KIMIO (28-Apr-11) SM-1560-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Virgin’s Pursuit: Sir Richard Branson’s Dilemmas in Creating a Presence in Retail Financial Services by BÁTIZ-LAZO, BERNARDO; KASE, KIMIO (23-Jun-11) SM-1559-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL


Sazo Idemitsu, the Founder of Idemitsu Kosan by C. Gonzalez, K. Kase (22-May-14) SM-1609-E IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Uesugi Pharmaceutical Company: Is the globalisation the only solution? By Katsuhiro Karasawa, Satoshi Seii, Kimio Kase (Forthcoming)

Nano-TEM: An Engineering Entrepreneurial Venture in Corporate Japan, by Zaw Zaw Aung, Luis Arias Hormaechea and Kimio Kase, Kindai Managem Review,Vol.4, 2016, pp87-99,