Sergio Molinari

Program: MA
Graduated: 1994
From: Italy
Current Position: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Kabul Afghanistan
Previous Positions include: GVC Italia (Cambodia), COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale (Palestine, etc)

Thanks in part to my experiences at IUJ, I have enjoyed a career spanning the globe in 7 countries from Italy (my homeland), then to Brazil, then on to Afghanistan, then Cambodia, then to Palestine, Ukraine, Iraq and back to Afghanistan again. IUJ life set the stage with not only a worldwide network of colleagues, but tooled me with cultural adaptability, tolerance and enjoyment.
My work has been with organizations that focus on human rights including family issues, humanitarian aid including refugee support, and sustainable development through supporting people to break out of poverty, recover from a war-torn state, and natural disasters. The IUJ curriculum exposed me to these themes, and helped create in me a drive to contribute.
I am now back for my second assignment in Kabul with UNHCR as a program officer. I look forward to continuing my career in the non-profit organization management industry where I specialize in Capacity Development, Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian aid.
Those looking for a career in the UN, aid organizations and similar NGOs will find IUJ a good place to begin the pursuit. Since my days, the curriculum has been refined to help those in development fields with the skills and knowledge they will use daily in their careers like project proposal writing, economic forecasting, environmental concerns within economic decision making and much more.