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What is the IUJ Alumni Association
All graduates of IUJ automatically join the IUJ Alumni Association at the time of graduation, after paying the initial membership fee. The Alumni Association rules are noted for your reference. Former Exchange and special students of IUJ are welcomed to join the association as Honorary members. The Alumni Association elects and Executive Council based in Tokyo, and has Regional Chapters world wide.

Alumni Association Executive Council
Who are your elected representatives and what do they do?

Class Representatives
Class Reps are chosen just before graduation: 2 for GSIR, 2 for MBA graduates and 2 for Ebiz graduates. In principle one should be located in Japan and one from overseas. Class Reps help campus stay in contact with their classmates, and are the first for campus to turn to when we need support or ideas or help from that year’s group. Who are the current Class Reps?

Regional Chapters
Beginning in May 2006, IUJ formalized its network of Alumni Association Regional Chapters. In cities world-wide, those that had volunteered to be “Chapter Leaders” earlier were contacted and asked to accept nominations to become the official “kick-off” Chair or Vice Chair. The goal was to create a clear network of Chapters in preparation for the 25th anniversary celebrations and events, and to strengthen our growing network which now extends to 130 countries and territories. This goal was surpassed. Now, looking to the 35th anniversary we are aiming at increasing our formal chapters to over 50!

IUJ Alumni Association Chapters are formed in cities where we have 4 or more alumni. They select a Chair and Vice Chair, and are supported by Chapter Supporters as described below:

  • The Chair is the main contact person for campus and the association members, and trigger for events for alumni in that city.
  • The Vice Chair is the substitute for the Chair or the backup, or main person the Chair can consult for ideas, opinions, etc.
  • Chapter Supporters are former Chapter Leader volunteers who are not one of the 2 main contacts, but the first people the Chair can go to for help for any event arrangements, etc.

Where we cannot have a formal Alumni Chapter due to lack of numbers (3 or fewer alumni), City Contacts are our main contact for their area.

Here are the Current Chapter Chairs and Vice Chairs for 51 cities/areas in
38 countries  (including grouped Latin America countries). We are waiting on confirmation for another 10 cities at this time.
In principle the Chairs and Vice Chairs will serve until they announce their replacements and inform campus.

Chapter Chairs and Vice Chairs: Current (updated 11/5/2019)

For contact information (accessible only by alumni, faculty and staff), please use the
Alumni Online Directory
– Alumni and Honorary
Alumni may access the directory only by using a previously registered email and password. See the Directory
registration and login in page.

Information is currently being updated. Please check back in a week or so.

Country City FirstName LastName Degree Class Chair Vice Chair
Afghanistan Kabul Ahmad Ghyasi MEB 2004 O
Australia Brisbane Kiyotsune Kikkawa MA 1986 O
Australia Canberra Yaw Osei-Amo MA 1988 O
Austria Vienna Prakash Suvedi MA 2003 O
Bangladesh Dhaka Tarikul Islam Mohammad MA 2012 O
Bangladesh Dhaka Md. Abdullah Emran MEB 2011 O
Bangladesh Dhaka Mahbub Farid MBA 1997 O
Belgium Brussels Pascal Allouard MBA 1999 O
Belgium Brussels Prasanna Ganesh MA 1997 O
Brazil (Latin American Region) Flavia Cerqueira MA 2010 O
Brazil Roraima Ismar Lima MA 2002 O
Cambodia Phnom Penh Tithtola Nop MA 2019 O
Canada Toronto Prithipal Rajasekaran MA 2001 O
China Beijing Adam Dunnett MA 2006 O
China Hong Kong Carson Cheng MBA 2004 O
China Hong Kong Lemon Lim MBA 2002 O
China Hong Kong Betty Yu MEB 2004 O
China Shanghai Jun Geng MBA 2005 O
Costa Rica San Jose
Denmark Copenhagen Farkhod Niyazov MBA 2006 O
France Paris Christian Delannoy MA 1986 O
Ghana Accra Nathaniel Otoo MA 1990 O
Ghana Accra Daniel Sarpong MA 1991 O
India Delhi Anurag Srivastava MBA 2016 O
Indonesia Jakarta Arman Gunawan MBA 2014 O
Japan Niigata Saki Hosaka MA 2016 O
Japan Sapporo Yoshiaki Kaji MBA 2006 O
Japan Osaka Hideo Watanabe MBA 1994 O
Japan Niigata Saki Hosaka MEB 2016  O
Kenya Nairobi Joseph Sirengo MA 2005 O
Kenya Nairobi Peter Wakulwa MA 2003 O
Korea(ROK) Korea Keun Lee MA 1989 O
Kyrgyz Bishkek Akzholtoi Sadabaev MA 2015 O
Laos Vientienne Wathsana Southammavong MBA 2010 O
Malawi Malawi Sebastian Phiri MA 1997 O
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Melorina Kamaruddin MA 2009 O
Mexico San Luis Potosi Jose Miguel Del Rio Contreras MEB 2008 O
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Ganzorig Vanchig MEB 2010 O
Myanmar Naypyitaw Nyi Nyi Htwe MA 2015 O
Myanmar Yangon Hlaing Kyaw MA 1992 O
Nepal Kathmandu Buddhi Raj Ghimire MA 2015 O
Nepal Kathmandu Hari Guragain MA 2018 O
Netherlands Amsterdam Nancy Refki MA 2005 O
Pakistan Islamabad Ahmad Malik MA 1989 O
Pakistan Lahore Sibtain Ali MEB 2008 O
Peru Lima ((Latin American Region)) Gisella Figueroa Tejada MEB 2003 O
Philippines Manila Erniel Martin Enrile MA 2016 O
Singapore Singapore Yun Cheang MA 1985 O
Sri Lanka Colombo Jeevan Premasara MEB 2010 O
Taiwan Taipei Kenny Kai-Cheng Yang MBA 2008 O
Thailand Bang Kok Wirunrach Podsatiankul MA 2008 O
Turkey Istanbul Figen Kirca (Kucukkoner) MBA 1996 O
Turkey Istanbul Osman Cakiroglu MBA 2003 O
UK London Mark Wells MA 1997 O
UK London Mansur Akbutin MBA 2001 O
USA Washington DC Jonathan Winslow MBA 1993 O
USA San Francisco Area Stephen Pierce MA 1992 O
USA Chicago area Md. Uddin MA 1991 O
USA Los Angeles Gil Aranowitz MBA 1994 O
USA New York City Amy Osborn MA 1993 O
Uzbekistan Tashkent Bekzod Yuldashev MA 2012 O
Uzbekistan Tashkent Elena Kim MA 2011 O
Vietnam Hanoi Thi Nhu Nguyet Nguyen MA 2008 O

Many cities are hosting events on May 14, to celebrate IUJ’s 35th anniversary.  Most will also host events the 2nd Friday of September for IUJ WorldWide Friday.  Watch for contact from your chapter leaders, or find them in the directory noted above for information on events in your area.

Your city not listed? Willing to be the chapter leader? Please contact Gretchen at alumni  @  iuj.ac.jp

A special note of thanks to our volunteer leaders around the world! 

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