Learn from IUJ graduates about their experience on campus, and how IUJ has helped their professional development, in their own words.

Bobir Abubakirov, IDP 2015, Mongolia

Deputy Chairman, Central Bank of Uzbekistan

Studying in IUJ, combined with hands on practical experience that I had before I had enrolled in the master’s program, expanded my knowledge in different fields of economic management. A degree from The International University of Japan has served to boost my career opportunities leading to a higher position in my institution. 

Mariam January, MBA 2018, South Africa

“IUJ is like a blank canvas, you can make it exactly what you want it to be, with only your imagination as your limitation. When I arrived at IUJ, I met a new stranger every day, by the time I left, each stranger had become a member of my family. You don’t only grow your network, but also your friends and family. If I were to give a new student advice, it is to move out of your comfort zone and make every effort to get to know a person from a different culture every day. Become involved as many activities as possible. Do not be afraid to bring new things, if you want to see any change, make it happen, you will find all the support you need!”