Hear from IUJ Alumni from around the world in these short self-introductions: 

  • learn why they loved their IUJ experience
  • and what they are now using in their professional lives that they gained at IUJ.

Videos are best viewed by double clicking them for a larger image. Enjoy.

Meet Pras Ganesh who graduated from the International Relations program in 1997 and has had a diverse career with various roles with Toyota.

Meet Shinji Shibata, a June 2020 graduate from the IUJ International Relations program who joined a consulting firm right after graduation. This video is in Japanese.

Meet Francis Delos Reyes, IDP Class of 2013, now VP at Development Bank of the Philippines

Meet Wirunrach, IRP graduate from 2008, from Thailand working for Nissan Trading Thailand

Meet Munkhbat Byambaakhuu, from Mongolia MBA2019  (ADB scholarship). Supervising Senior. KPMG Audit LLC

Meet Priscilla, IR2014, from Papua New Guinea

Country Director, HOPE Worldwide, PNG

Meet Ganzorig Vanchig, Ebiz2010 from Mongolia

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Mentor

Meet Kay Khine Oo, MBA2012, from Myanmar. Assistant Director in Trade Relations, Ministry of Commerce

Meet Ramadhan Harisman, MBA2002 from Indonesia

Executive Secretary of the Hajj Fund Management, Ministry of Religion Affairs

Meet Faith, IDP2013 from Zimbabwe,

Post Doc Researcher at J-PAL Africa, working on poverty alleviation

Meet Chau from Vietnam, MBA2017

Now teaching business courses at Vietnam National University

Meet M. Nakano, MBA 1990

Entrepreneur, Japan

Vice Chair of IUJ Alumni Association

Meet T. Inagaki, MBA 1995, former Pfizer Pharma employee, and former Chair of the IUJ Alumni Association

Here in detail about IUJ from Alumni in Indonesia – graduates from the 1980s, when IUJ was creating its foundation, through recent years

These video is in bahasa Indonesia subtitled in English. The first is a few minutes, and the second about 10 minutes in length. It was made by our Alumni there in Jakarta. Some of the Alumni are now in different positions. But their message rings true.