Alumni Host an IUJ Intern

Can you host an IUJ Intern?

Every year IUJ has about 55 students interested in a summer internship – Business, Development consulting, UN work, research, Finance fields, etc. Career Counseling and Services works with them in the hunt.

Please help


  • Tradition and cultural factors make this an uphill battle in Japan. With the help from IUJ Alumni we are getting up that hill.
  • Helping them search overseas from campus is very challenging, and you can make a huge difference in a current IUJ students’ life.

Contact Career Counseling and Services (gretchen AT to learn about


  • Project Based Internships
  • Time periods and potential candidates
  • Compensation expectations


If you know of jobs in Japan, overseas in business fields, development fields, with IOs, etc. please let campus know.  I can get it to current students and our Alumni Job Hunters mailing list.  If the job is with you that is all the better.

Thank you!