Transcripts & Certificates

Application for IUJ Certificates and how to receive them

Office of Academic Affairs (OAA)

Types of Certificates

IUJ can issue the following certificates to a student upon his/her written request.


This certifies names of courses taken, the number of credits and grade obtained for each course and grade point average (GPA). Students should indicate if they would like the transcripts issued in either English or Japanese.

Certificate of Enrollment:

This certifies that a student is presently enrolled in an IUJ Master’s/Doctor’s program. Information such as enrollment date and program name are also included in the certificate. This certificate is issued only bilingually in both English and Japanese.

Certificate of Medium of Instruction:

This certifies that IUJ offers residential graduate programs taught entirely in English. Students should indicate if they would like the certificate issued in either English or Japanese.

Certificate of Prospective Graduation:

This certifies that the student is expected to graduate from IUJ with a Master’s/Doctor’s degree. Information such as expected graduation day and degree title are also included in the certificate. This certificate cannot be issued until the student has completed course registration in the Fall term of their 2nd-year if they are enrolled in a 2-year Master’s program, or in the Spring term if they are enrolled in 1-year program, at IUJ. If he/she is enrolled in a Ph.D. Program, this certificate can be issued after he/she has successfully passed the interim report of his/her dissertation in the 3rd year of study. This certificate is issued only bilingually in both English and Japanese.

How to Apply for Certificates

1. Please provide us with detailed information about your request by completing the Application Form after carefully reading the following. A link to the application form is provided at the end of this page. Please submit the completed form to the following Network Folder:

GSIR: \\iuj-home\IR materials\Certificates\Normal
GSIM: \\iuj-home\IM materials\Certificates\Normal

IUJ does not accept applications from people other than the person designated on the certificate.

2. Method of Payment
The certificate-issuance fee will be deducted from your Hokuetsu Bank Account on the 25th (or 23rd or 24th if the 25th falls on a weekend or national holiday) of month the following your application.

3. Certificate(s) are normally issued the day after your application is accepted. However, due to national/special holidays and weekends, it may take more than a week for us to issue the certificate(s).

4. Method of Receipt

(1) Via Academic Mail Box

OAA staff will put the certificate(s) into your academic mail box, which is located in front of classrooms 101~104.

(2) At OAA

You will receive the certificates at OAA in person.

(3) By post

OAA staff will send the certificate(s) to your address by post. Delivery may be delayed due to extenuating circumstances. For example, the novel coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many countries/territories stopping acceptance of inbound postal items, as well as a considerable suspension and reduction of flights from/to Japan. Because of this, considerable delivery delays are expected for outbound mail items to other countries/territories.

Lastly, please note that IUJ does not issue an electronic version of certificates, nor send them by E-mail. Thank you very much in advance for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact either GSIR ( or GSIM ( staff at the E-mail addresses mentioned in brackets.

* “business days” exclude Saturday, Sunday, Japanese National Holidays, and the New Year Holiday, which is approximately between December 25 and January 5 (Note that there may be slight variations in the “New Year Holiday” period depending on the year.)

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