Certificate of Eligibility Process

FAQ for Certificate of Eligibility (C/E) Please refer to the below FAQ for filling out the application form for the C/E.

Q1: I am nominated to the ADB, KMMF, AEON or World Bank Scholarship and waiting to receive a result of scholarship.What documents should I prepare for applying C/E?

A1: Please prepare following application except financial statement.

1. Application form 2. Copy of your Passport 3. One Photo 4. EMS/Mailing Label

The result of scholarship selection will be announced in July. If you can personally manage your expenses at IUJ without a scholarship, please prepare your application and necessary documents as a self-supported student as below.

1. Application form 2. Statement of Financial Support 3. Copy of your Passport 4. One Photo 5. EMS/Mailing Label

Q2: What kind of financial statement is needed?

A2: If you are granted other scholarship (not nominated through IUJ), please submit a copy of scholarship award (including scholarship name, duration of grant, amount and etc.).

If your scholarship type is IUJ Type-B, S, C or NIA scholarship, please submit an official statement of your bank account or copy of student loan contract to show to the Japanese Government that you have sufficient funds to cover the expenses during your student life at IUJ.

All documents should include the institution’s name and logo, address, contact tel/fax number, the institution manager’s name, his/her title and his/her signature.

If you will have the financial backing of your family members or another ‘sponsor’, you will also need to present:

a) a statement your family member/sponsor’s bank account or annual income

b) a birth certificate to prove the relationship between you and the family member supporting you, or a statement from your sponsor showing your relationship.

c) a signed statement demonstrating that they guarantee to support you through your IUJ studies

NOTE: The amount of your deposit money shown in your bankbook might be re-checked by the Japanese Embassy or Immigration Office on request in order to confirm that your deposit is consistently sufficient for you to live in Japan.

Q3: How much amount should I prepare for the financial statement?

A3: The Immigration Office does not indicate exactly how much money is sufficient enough. According to our experiences, it might be about 3,100,000yen (tuition 1,900,000yen PLUS living expenses 1,200,000yen) if your scholarship is IUJ Type-S, C and NIA.

If your scholarship type is IUJ Type-B or NIA+IUJ Type-S, it might be about 1,200,000yen as living expenses.

Please be aware that the persons having a student visa are not allowed to work (in principle). The amount of your savingsor financial support from your family should be sufficient enough for you to study and living in Japan. Earning from a part-time job while you are in IUJ should not be counted or expected.

Q4: How to fill in No.16 “Intended place to apply for visa”?

A4: Please fill in city and country name which is the nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate.

Example: If you are living in Thailand and apply for the Japanese Embassy in Bangkok, please fill in “Bangkok, Thailand”.

Q5: Should I fill in No.20 “Family in Japan” if my friend lives in Japan?

A5: No, you do not need to fill in your friends name on it. Just fill in case your family members (father, mother, spouse, brother and sister) and your relatives are living in Japan.

If your family members or relatives are staying in Japan as a tourist or short-term stay, you do not fill in their name.

Q6: What should I write in Port of Entry, number 13?

A6: Please fill in the name of Japanese International Airport. For example, if you land in Japan at the Narita Airport, please fill in “Narita”.

Q7: In number 20, I do not have any family in Japan, is it okay to write NA in the blank?

A7: Please keep it blank. You do not need to write anything.

Q8: Number 23, number 3, Date of Graduation, is not encircled, should I fill it out?

A8: Yes. You need to fill in No. 23 (1) , (2) and (3). Please check “Graduated” in (1), fill in the name of undergraduate university in (2) and fill in the date of graduation from the university.

Q9: For the COE application form No 23 (1), can I check both Bachelor and Others?  or Others only?  As I have recently graduated the Post Grad. Diploma in Development Studies apart from my Bachelor Degree of Technology.

A9:  Please check “Graduated” and “Others” boxes. You do not need check “Bachelor” box because they ask the last institution before enrolling in IUJ.