Visa Extensions

You can choose two options for applying for your student visa extension.

  1. Applying by yourself: Please follow the instructions on the immigration office’s website.
  2. Applying through IUJ: Please prepare the items listed below and send them to OSS by email. In this case, a commission fee of 3,000 yen will be charged.

What to Submit for the Preparation

  • Application Form (soft copy): Please download it from the immigration office’s website .
  • Soft copy of your passport identification page
  •  Bust photo taken within six months (The data size must be under 50 KB)
  • Transcript  (Apply at OAA)
  • Certificate of enrollment (Apply at OAA)
  • Scholarship Certificate (You can apply at the OSS)
  • The fee of 7,000 yen in cash at a later date

Please provide the following information via email

  • Your work history for the past five years. (Name of the company, address, and what year and month to what year and month )
  • The total period of education from elementary school to the last institution of education
  • Your scheduled graduation date
  • Name of your supervisor
  • Name of your research theme
  • Number of credits earned in the past year
  • Number of credits earned from your enrollment to IUJ to present
  • Attendance rate at IUJ


Whichever method you choose, you can submit the application only three months prior to the expiration date. While it is concerning if you apply just before the expiration date, preparing too early may result in your documents being considered outdated, so we recommend that you start preparing your application around three months before the expiration date.