Map to Niigata

Direction from IUJ to Niigata Immigration Office

There are two ways to go to Niigata Immigration Office that is located in Niigata Airport in Niigata city. Address: 3710 Matsuhama-cho, Higashi-ku, Niigata, 950-0001 Tel: 025-275-4735

  • Shinkansen

    We recommend buying a discount round-trip ticket called “S-kippu” in Japanese at Urasa station (6,040 yen for round trip). A one-way normal ticket to Niigata costs 4,410 yen and it comes 8,820 yen in total.

  • Take a Shinkansen for Niigata and get off at Niigata station. It takes about 40 minutes.
  • Go out South exit and go to the bus terminal in front of Niigata station. Go to Lane 5 for Niigata Airport. It takes 25 minutes and costs 400 yen.
  • Take a bus for Niigata Airport and get off at the airport. The entrance of Immigration Office is different from the airport building. A signboard of the Immigration Office in English is seen on the right side of the airport building.
  • Local Train and Bus

    A one-way ticket from Urasa to Niigata costs 1,890 yen and takes 2 hours. Normally you need to change a train at Nagaoka station. However, some trains you can reach Niigata without changing trains at Nagaoka.

  • Buy a ticket at Urasa station and take a train for Nagaoka.
  • Get off at Nagaoka station and change to a train bound for Niigata.
  • Get off at Niigata station and follow as the same as above 1-(2) and 1-(3).