Local Trains – Muikamachi, Urasa, Koide, Nagaoka and Niigata

Trains departing from Urasa station heading north to Niigata city (through Nagaoka) and South to Tokyo run regularly
To search for a train and route convenient for you, with updated times and fares, please see Jorudan site 

Simply input your starting point and ending point, and time of departure or arrival, and the Jorudan search engine will recommend convenient options.  For LOCAL line options, be sure to choose “unreserved” when making your search.

Gakuwari coupons can apply to trips over 100K and on the JR local train fare only (not applicable to the express train additional fee).  Niigata city is 103K so just far enough to be eligible.

Remember – Gakuwari coupons are for YOU and only you, the IUJ student, to use for the discount. Do not give it away, or buy a ticket with it and give that ticket to others. Thank you.

There is one stop in between Muikamachi and Urasa, and between Urasa and Koide. There are many stops between Koide and Nagaoka (usually the last stop). You will need to transfer at Nagaoka to continue on to Niigata City, etc.

The local JR line is convenient to use to get to Koide Hospital or Muikamachi Hospital.  Shuttle buses run from the Koide and Muikamachi stations to their respective hospitals.

Cost of Fares
Ticket Costs between Urasa and Muikamachi 240 yen
Ticket Costs between Urasa and Koide 200 yen
Ticket Costs between Urasa and Nagaoka 760 yen
Ticket Cost between Urasa and Niigata 1,940 yen
(with Gakuwari: 1,550 yen)
AS OF January 2017

Station Names in Order (between Muikamachi and Nagaoka):

MUIKAMACHI – Itsukamachi – URASA – Yairo – KOIDE – Echigo Horinouchi – Kita Horinouchi – Echigo Kawaguchi – Ojiya – Echigo Takiya – Miyauchi – NAGAOKA (transfer at Nagaoka to catch trains for Niigata City – see related train schedule.)

Map of noted Stops (general location)