Car Taxes

Annual Car Taxes Information and Deadlines

All car owners pay an annual tax on the vehicles they own. This is in addition to the taxes you pay at the time of purchase. Taxes are paid to the Transport Authority Office every fiscal year. You will receive documents in the mail from the Tax Authority sometime on or around the dates noted below. Deadlines for payment are as follows:

  • Sedan Type Cares – Notice comes around May 10. Payment Deadline is May 31.
  • Light Vehicles – Notice comes around April 19. Payment Deadline is April 30.

If you sell your car or dispose of it and do not correctly notify the Transport Authority you will continue to be charged the annual taxes. You remain responsible for paying the charges until the appropriate papers are filed with the Transport Authority. Contact the JA Autopal at the Nokyo (025-772-8811) or a Car Agent for assistance.

Cars that are abandoned are traced to their owner. That owner remains responsible for the car and all taxes associated. IUJ is asked to find the graduating student and obtain the necessary payments. Please do not abandon your car, but be responsible car owners.

The following are guidelines to follow to avoid unnecessary charges:

Here are two examples:

  1. Selling your car to a third party, or trading it in for a new car 2.An entire year of tax will be charged to the owner of the car the year the car is originally purchased. When you sell it to a third party, they are charged from the next April 1 to March 31 fiscal year. FORMATTING

    April 1, 1995 [ownership change] April 1, 1996 April 1, 1997

    [Original Owner is Responsible for the tax] [New owner is taxed from new fiscal year] [New tax year]

    The name on the tax documents stays the same until the beginning of the next fiscal year. Please negotiate with the purchaser of your car on how to handle the tax you have already paid.

  2. Disposing of your car (trashing it) FORMATTING
  3. The Annual Car Tax is calculated on a monthly basis after the date you register your car as a disposed item. You may file for a reimbursement of taxes paid on months between the month the car is disposed the following April

    April 1, 1995 [Car disposed of] April 1, 1996

    [Original Owner is Responsible for the tax]

    [Eligible for a refund for this time period]

    If you do not register your car as being disposed, you are responsible for paying the full amount of taxes every year until it is registered. This is VERY important for those graduating.

  4. Stolen Car
    If you car is stolen, contact the Tax Office.
    The Muikamachi Tax Office Phone number is 025-773-6668
  • Be sure to properly change ownership when you sell your car – file the correct forms with the Tax Authority. We recommend using either the Nokyo (Agricultural Cooperative: 025-772-8811) or a licensed car dealer.
  • Be sure to notify the tax office when you dispose of your car to cancel your tax obligation. Your car dealer is a very reliable but be sure you see him process the information so as to avoid being taxed for extra months.
Attention to those Graduating:

Please be sure to take care of your car before Graduation. If you need assistance of further information, please contact the OSS.