Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving & Seat Belts

Drunk driving is not tolerated by Japan, and certainly not by IUJ!

Those involved in drinking and driving incidents run the risk of losing their scholarship, being suspended or expelled from IUJ – or both. And of course the legal implications are severe. Those who allow friend to drive drunk are held responsible.
Recently monetary penalties have been raised up higher due to alteration in traffic regulations being effective as from 2001. While you are drunken driving with the fact that alcohol content in your breath test is minimum 0.15mg/L (used to be minimum 0.25mg/L), you will be fined to pay the monetary penalty in the range from minimum 100,000yen up to maximum 500,000yen or imprisonment in the range from minimum 6 month to maximum 5 years in jail.


No Need to Drink and Drive
This area of Japan has a great service known as “Daiko”. Daiko is a special taxi service that brings you, your friends, and your car back to campus at the cost of just over a taxi fare. So don’t drink and drive – don’t put yourself in danger and jeopardize your status at IUJ – use the Daiko Service.

Seat Belts

As from June 1, 2008, all passengers in front & rear seats are required to fasten the seat belts while driving by law.