Health Insurance and Health Support @ IUJ for Students

Through IUJ*, students are covered by 3 insurance programs and various health support schemes.  Below is a brief description. The Info Pack has details, and more information is provided at Fall Orientation to incoming students. Students who miss those orientations need to ask at the OSS for details, and/or read the guides provided thoroughly.

National Health Insurance

The OSS administers IUJ regular student health insurance plans and arranges for student payment, by bank transfer, of the associated fees. NHI covers 70% of the students’ medication costs, though not everything is covered. For information on what and how much the insurance covers, see the Info Pack . This plan is mandatory.

NHI does not cover students, in practical terms, for accidents or health emergencies outside of Japan. Students should purchase travelers insurance before departing.

Liability and Injury Insurance “Gakken Sai”

This insurance plan covers students during an IUJ sanctioned internships, field research, etc. if the student injures another person or damages property. It also covers the student for IUJ events if damage or illness is caused to a 3rd party. If the students is injured in an event on campus and requires repeated medical visits, the insurance will also help. Cost depends on the duration of your enrollment at IUJ; one-year program – 1,540yen, two-year program – 2,430yen, and three-year program – 3,620yen (subject to change). The insurance is good through graduation (costs are subject to change). This plan is mandatory.

Click for further information in Japanese  (with links to English information) and in  English (basic coverage) presented by JEES.

Health Translation Services and Medical Emergency support services

Many IUJ students experience a language barrier with off campus health services: clinics, hospital staff and dentists. To support our students, IUJ offers a translation service through Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ). Their staff is available 24 hours a day, all year round, for telephone translation. If you need help in an emergency situation, to make an appointment for a medical or dental visit, help in communicating with a pharmacy or medical services staff, this translation service will help.  Also, in case of severe injury or illness requiring a long term hospital stay, and support from a family member, this service will help bring a family member here: financial support, logistics support, etc. Cost is about 1,500yen per year. Family members may be added to the list at the same rate.  This plan is optional, but you must ask the OSS to opt out by the deadline each October. 

Guides and Language Facilitation sheets

IUJ provides a full Hospital Guide to help use the local clinic and hospitals. It includes logistics support and language facilitation sheets. Students are encouraged to fill out the sheets, or ask for help at the OSS or another Japanese speaking friend, to write down your symptoms before you go to the clinic or hospital.

Special information regarding women’s health issues is also available HERE

Information about Family Issues should be thoroughly read by those considering to bring family members to the area, specifically issues on vaccinations and immunization programs for children.

On Campus Medical Consultations and Counseling

  • Twice a month, a medical doctor is available on campus for consultations (Free)
  • Daily, the IUJ Counselor is available for appointments.

For details, and to make an appointment please access the COUNSELING website

Volunteer Program for medical visits

If a student has an appointment that requires a Japanese speaker to be present (telephone translation support not accepted) students may be able to use a volunteer from the community through the E-Js program. Requests should be made to the OSS at least 2 working days in advance. The availability of our volunteers cannot be guaranteed but the OSS will try to help match someone with you.

Other support

  • Twice a year a medical health check is offered to students free of charge. Taking it once a year is mandatory.
  • Every year in fall term, optional flu shots are offered for a fee.

*Other insurance schemes may be provided by your scholarship host. Please refer to their information.