University Partnerships

IUJ enjoys deep interaction and collaboration with a variety of universities.
Along with our students attending several symposia at other universities each year to present their research, we have a long tradition of exchange partnerships with complimentary universities’ graduate schools around the world.

We have also collaborative programs with universities and institutions in Japan and overseas.

Early Spring campus scene
  • Linkage Program (IDP & PMPP)

    IUJ provides 2nd year courses in our IDP and PMPP to graduate students from the University of Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, and Padjadjaran University, in a special linkage program. Students are degree pursuing students, and graduate with Master’s degrees from both their home institute and IUJ.

  • Linkage Program (MBA)

    Partnering with Gadja Mada University, IUJ hosts second year graduate students in our MBA Program. At the end of the year-long program, students graduate with two Master’s degrees: one from IUJ, and one from their host university.

  • Memorundum of Understanding / General Agreement of Cooperation

    IUJ, including its Research Institutes, has a Memorandum of Understanding or General Agreement of Cooperation with each of the following institutions to cooperate in the areas of research, teaching collaboration, as well as to organize and hold joint workshops, seminars and conferences etc.

    • Beijing Association of Sustainable Development
    • National University of Laos
    • United Nations University
  • Continuing to seek partners

    IUJ is actively reaching out to various universities to establish more partnerships that cover programs like the above, joint research, Non-degree training programs, etc. For more information, please contact us and explore how your institution can enjoy what IUJ has to offer.

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