To train leaders who can contribute to the practical resolution of global problems facing people living in various countries and regions in the world, as well as organizations including governments, companies, and NGOs, and to extend public and social benefits globally.

In order to make this possible, IUJ offers a place to foster these leaders’ professional knowledge and skills regarding politics, economics and management, and to help them achieve a deep understanding of and human respect for different cultures.

With these priorities as guiding principles, and the awareness of the immense value of training the complete individual, IUJ has a number of specific strengths.

  • Training Global Leaders

    IUJ, Japan’s oldest graduate school, was founded in 1982, with the goal of preparing leaders who can contribute to the practical resolution of global problems facing the world.

  • Courses offered in English

    IUJ is Japan’s oldest English-based graduate school, with 100% of its regular courses offered in English.

  • Truly International Learning Environment

    IUJ’s global environment continues after classes, particularly because almost all IUJ students live together on campus.Students establish lifelong friendships with each other.

  • Global Human Network Building

    The human networks students build at IUJ have become assets that greatly benefit their careers after graduation.

  • Excellent Faculty Members

    Almost all of IUJ’s faculty earned their doctoral degrees (Ph.D.) at the best-known schools in the US and Europe.

  • Practical Research Activities

    IUJ provides practical research activities for all students through its close relationship with International Organizations such as the World Bank, multinational companies and regional bodies.

  • Careful Career Support

    IUJ provides excellent Career Counseling Services, giving students one-to-one career advice before they enroll and counseling and job search assistance during their time at IUJ. As a result, IUJ has a very high rate of employment for students within three months after graduation. CC&S also offers a full career support system provided by alumni who are active world-wide.