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IUJ is a graduate school offering a world-ranked MBA and various Masters of Arts programs, teaching in English to students from Japan and over 50 other countries across the globe. Those enrolled full time at IUJ are eligible for student discounts on travel within Japan. Here are the details.


Gakuwari: Student Discounts on JR train fares

JR offers a 20% discount off the JR train fare for the normal fares over 100K (does not apply to express train extra charge) to full-time students (exchange and special students do not qualify). Each student may request 10 coupons an academic year (Sept 1 – Aug 31). Each coupon is valid for up to 3 months.

Please click the link below for more details:https://www.iuj.ac.jp/oss-f/pdf/gakuwariguide.pdf



How to use “Gakuwari” discount travel coupons by JR

The information below is written on the back of the JR Gakuwari Coupons

  • Full time students over the age of 12 years old (excluding correspondence students and exchange students), and traveling a distance of more than 100 kilometers one way, may use this discount coupon. One coupon may be used at one time.
  • The coupon is redeemable only before the start of a trip.
  • In the column with an ※ circle if the trip is a one way trip (片道), or round trip (往復) with an ink pen (black or blue)
  • The rest of the coupon must be filled in by your school before use. It cannot be redeemed without the school’s official stamp.
  • If the lines below the ※ are changed, modified or tampered with, the coupon becomes invalid and cannot be redeemed.
  • Only the person indicated on the coupon may use this coupon, and may do so only if their student status is valid.
  • This ticket purchased using this discount coupon can be used only by the person indicated. It may not be used by a 3rd
  • To redeem this coupon you must present your Student Identification at the time of purchase, and anytime you are requested to do so by a JR staff during your travels.
  • This coupon is valued from the date of issue until the expiration date of the as noted (three months).

——-How to Use the Machine

Note from OSS: ① On the coupon, please indicate the name of the station you will start your travels and the ending station. If there is a transfer station along the way, please indicate that as well. You may write         using the alphabet.  We strongly recommend you do this steps at home the day before you purchase JR-tickets.

② The ticket office at Urasa Station is no longer available and there is only a self-service ticket machine now. Therefore, please click the URL link below and check the video of how to use the                   machine. URL link : https://youtu.be/DEEBb9mZdkE




※ 乗車区間


“Starting Station”  駅から

“Transfer Station”  経由

“Ending Station”  駅まで



※ 乗車券の種 類

(see #3 above)


片道    往復    連続

Circle if:  one way         round trip


All other sections





Translated and described by International University of Japan, IUJ, Office of Student Services