Office of Student Services (OSS)

We are happy you are considering or planning to come to IUJ. Here are resources to help your transition

Incoming Student Special Info: COVID19

Information for Incoming Students: COVID19

IUJ is preparing to welcome our incoming students per the September 2022 arrival schedule.  Please check the September Schedule for updates regularly.


IUJ is moving on the normal timeline to support student visa applications (JICA sponsored students please refer to your scholarship host). When the CoE is returned to us from the immigration office, and with your admissions fee paid in full, we will send you your Letter of Admissions and CoE for student application procedures. A 2nd support document too will be issued for your visa applicaiton requirements at this time. IUJ will support you if there are any delays in getting your student visa once you have the CoE in hand.


As the situation changes, we will keep you updated. Please refer to this list.


Please keep in close touch with the Office of Student Services* informing them of your flight availability, arrival plans, quarantine needs and dates (again, if applicable): you can quarantine in your IUJ dormitory room, with a current student buddy supporting you. We will soon provide a link to you to share this information with us.

If you need additional support, write to providing your Student ID and good topic in the subject line like “1C2001 NAME Arrival update”

*JICA sponsored students please do this communication directly with JICA or your scholarship host.


If at all possible, please come to Japan fully vaccinated against COVID with a brand recognized by Japan. Even if vaccinated, please take all precautions you can.

When you are able to arrive in Japan, please be sure to take all precautions during the door-to-quarantine door transport: wear masks and possibly a shield too. Wash and sanitize your hands often.

Quarantine needs is based on your country’s classification and Vaccination status. The link above will help you determine this.


We plan for fall courses to be all offered Face to Face but will make adjustments if needed.


Those with scholarships that provide for monthly stipends, please check with your scholarship coordinator about your specific situation before arriving in Japan, as each scholarship will be different.


The IUJSupport2022 Facebook page will provide updates and answer questions. Please be sure to join that group. To request access please give your official name and IUJ Student number when prompted.

Also, watch the news about your country and Japan with regard to flights, negotiations, etc.

Your IUJ Info Pack and the Incoming Students/September Arrival page will help with further information and resources. Please make good use of them.

Incoming Students page has the info pack and much more info for you!

See you soon!