Car Registration

Guidelines for Registering your Car with IUJ

Everyone associated with IUJ who owns a car or motorcycle and parks it at anytime on campus must inform OSS of your car registration number. You must have an IUJ original car Sticker to use our parking lots – without exception. When your car is no longer needed due to graduation, please go to any dealer to have your car disposed of, or transfer ownership legally and with the help of a car dealer. The OSS can provide assistance.

To receive your IUJ Car Parking Permit (Shako-shomei), submit the following documents to the Office of Student Services:

Copies of:

  • Your valid driver’s license – A Japanese license or an international license* plus your country’s license valid
  • Your Shaken-sho (Car registration papers)
  • Your Third-party Insurance papers (Nin-i Hoken)
  • 1,000 yen for issuance of the parking permit

When parking your car, please use the following areas:

  • Dormitory Residence should use the space near SD2 or SD3
  • Off Campus Residence should use the space above or the area near the Baiten or Library. Please do not use the Main entrance parking area of IUJ.
  • The area nearest the front of the Main Entrance is reserved for the short-term campus visitors and should NOT be used by students, staff or faculty during business hours.

    If you have any questions regarding your car and IUJ’s policies, please contact the person in charge of Car Registrations in the Office of Student Services.

    *Note: When you renew your international driving license in your home county, now it is necessary for you to stay there at least for three months continuously by law. Otherwise, it cannot be recognized as a valid license. Similarly, if you have lived in Japan for any length of time, and want to get a new International Incense to drive here, you must be out of the country a FULL 3 months in order to drive legally on a combination of your country license and an international license. And your country MUST be listed in the Geneva Convention