Student Train Discount

The Ministry of Education has arranged special discounts on Japan Rail Travel for full-time students in Japan (Exchange students are not eligible). Coupons are good for 20% off LOCAL train fares (not applicable to special fares such as express, green cars, etc.) of distances further than 100 kilometers. Niigata Station in Niigata city is just over 100K from Urasa station, so does qualify.

Each student may receive 10 coupons each academic year (September through August). Once you apply and receive a coupon, it is valid for 3 months. You may apply for up to 4 coupons at a time.

To apply for a coupon, sign your name in the black book in the OSS. Your coupon will be ready THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY.

For further information, refer to the explanation provided in the black sign-up book.