OSS Hospital Guide, Clinic Info, and Language Support

IUJ’s Hospital Guide book is available when you check in to the dorms, and in the OSS in Hard Copy. It can help with preparing to go to the hospital, how to read the prescriptions, how to talk to your doctors, etc.

Guide to Women’s Health – please read for important information for women’s health in Japan.

An online tour of our local hospital  “Yukiguni Hospital” describes a visit as follows:

  • Where it is
  • Items you need to take
  • What you do when you get there
  • Where things are in the hospital
  • How to talk to your doctors and nurses.
  • How to pay your bill
  • How to pick up your medication<

With pictures of each step, we hope it helps you.

For information on using Kikan Hospital, please attend the orientations, and pick up presentation materials from the OSS. This is a referral hospital so non-emergency patients should see another hospital or clinic for initial diagnosis and treatment. If that facility feels you should be referred to Kikan Hospital they will write you an introductory letter. See the IUJ Hospital Guide for details.

Guide to Moegi Clinic
Moegi is a general clinic for basic illnesses such as coughs, colds or common flu.  If you have a more specialized condition such as a rash, breathing or heart issues, etc. use the Hospital.

Please download the helpful language facilitation sheets, fill them in, and take them with you to the hospital or clinic. They are available in 18 language and kindly provided by KIF (Kanagawa International Foundation).

Further language support sheets, available in 3 languages, and useful for checking in to the hospital and long-term stays, can be downloaded from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.  This page is in Japanese, but with Google Translate you can find the document useful for your needs.

For questions and support, please see the OSS. If you feel you may be contagious, please return to your dorm room and telephone to the OSS for support.  x103.  Also, please take advantage of the free health consultations 2 times a month on campus. See the OSS/Counseling boards for appointment instructions.

Those with Families in the area need to read the Family Guide, and ensure your family members are healthy and immunized in accordance with Japan’s immunization practices. The doctor mentioned above is a specialist and happy to guide you through the process.