Campus needs our Alumni!

Please help out by volunteering for one or several of our many needs. To volunteer online, please go to the Online Directory and update your records! Here is how you can get involved – and we hope you do!

IUJ Ambassadors

IUJ needs Alumni willing to answer questions from prospective students. Prospective students want to talk to someone in their career field or from their country before deciding on IUJ. Can you help us? Contact the the team, and Volunteer as an IUJ Ambassador at info@iuj.ac.jp or click the appropriate button on the Online Alumni Directory in your PROFILE in the Volunteers section.

Some Ambassadors host Informal Info Sessions in key cities, or on ZOOM, giving prospective students the chance to interact with alumni and learn about IUJ from presentations, conversations and Q&A time. The following information is provided to the Ambassador hosts.

For Ambassador’s assisting with New Student Recruitment events, here are helpful resources for your presentation F2F or on Zoom.


Give the gift of learning by giving someone in your network a VOUCHER for a guaranteed tuition scholarship (70-80% waiver – 2022 Admissions)

A-CAN and Mentor Programs

Alumni Career Advisors Network is a group of Alumni willing to offer advice on their career. It is NOT a job placement program: you are not expected to offer jobs, just advice.  A-CAN is an adhoc free flowing group, and often the info is exchanged between student and alum just a few times.

In Spring 2009 we expanded the informal A-CAN and created a Global Women’s Mentor Network. This more formal program matches IUJ current female students with female alumni for academic advice and guidance while the student is at IUJ, and for their job hunt as they prepare to leave IUJ.  IUJ women are encouraged to volunteer and get involved – there are over 125 volunteers as of Winter 2011.  Contact Gretchen.

Similarly, in Spring 2010, we created the IUJ Men’s Mentor Program to match our male students with male alumni for long-term support: Advice on how to use their IUJ days to develop their career, how to network, advice on resumes, etc.  We have over 300 volunteers as of Winter 2011.  Contact Gretchen if you can get involved.

Career Services Support

If you can create an internship in your office (wherever you are in the world) OR if you have a job opening in your office or company, please inform Career  Services.  Here are some more details

Alumni Experts program

IUJers are asked to volunteer their expertise to help enrich the campus academic offerings, guest speaker series and research efforts. Career Services hopes for your time to talk to students about your industry and professional development too. Please let us know what you know best, and make yourself available for collaborative research, a classroom appearance as a lecturer or panel discussant, etc. Please volunteer on the Profile Section, “Volunteering” of the Online Directory, and be sure to let us know your areas of expertise! ZOOM can be used when travel is not possible which is a cost effective way to encourage alumni-student interaction!  Join us.


Contact Alumni Relations (alumni@iuj.ac.jp) if you can help is in the following ways.

  • IUJ Alumni News – please write articles or send in your personal updates for our newsletter issued in January and July each year (deadlines are early December and early June)
  • Home stays – could you host a current student over the Christmas/New Year’s break? Or during the summer while the student participates in an internship?
  • Donations to Campus
  • Fundraising campaign is now open and active. See the info page
  • Would you be willing to help sponsor Open Day or ASEAN Night?
  • Can you donate art or furniture to the dorms?