Immigration Issues

New Immigration Procedures: Requirements for the Provision of Personal Information (effective on Nov. 20, 2007)

From November 20, 2007, foreign nationals who apply for entry into Japan are required to be fingerprinted and photographed (facial photographs) by means of special devices, and then interviewed by immigration inspectors. The new procedures apply to all foreign nationals upon their entry into Japan, including the case where foreign nationals with re-entry permits enter into Japan re-entry permits enter into Japan, except for the persons eligible for exemption listed below.

If foreign nationals who are not eligible for exemption from this requirement refuse to submit their fingerprints or photographs, they will be denied entry into Japan and ordered to leave.

(Persons eligible for exemption)

  1. Special permanent residents
  2. Persons under the age of 16
  3. Persons engaged in activities which fall under the status of residence for “Diplomat” or “Official”
  4. Persons invited by the heads of administrative organs
  5. Persons provided for by the Ministry of Justice Ordinance as equivalent to a person listed in (3) or (4)

Please visit the Japanese immigration website for detail at:

Outline: English / Chinese / Korean / French / Portuguese

Video: English / Chinese / Korean

Information on the proxy visa transaction:

Since December 1997 the OSS has been certified by the Immigration Office to be an official intermediary between you and the Immigration Office for the following visa matters. The Ministry of Justice is allowing some schools that have staff well versed in the immigration procedure to act as a proxy for students enrolled in their schools and to submit applications on their behalf.

  1. Visa extension
  2. Re-entry permission
  3. Work permit
  4. Other procedures

Who can ask the OSS:

We can take applications from all enrolled IUJ students (including exchange students and special students) – those on a College Student Visa.


In principle, we will receive applications once a month. After reviewing the documentation we submit it to the Immigration Office. Usually, re-entry permits and work permits are approved on the same day we submit the applications, but visa extension usually take one week after we submit the applications. If your schedule doesn’t meet our schedule or you are in a hurry, please apply directly to the Immigration Office on your own.

You can check the schedule of planned Immigration Office visits on a notice board in front of OSS office.

Proxy Application fee:

  Revenue stamp fee Transaction fee Total
Visa extension 4,000yen 3,000yen 7,000yen

Re-entry permission


Work permission   3,000yen 3,000yen

Designated Stay Visa:

Those who are actively job hunting while a student, and registered with CC&S for that support, may be eligible to request IUJ to help them get a Designated Stay Visa after graduation to help with their job hunt efforts. Please see the Career Website “After the Search” section for details