Spouse Visas

If you wish to bring your family to Japan, you will be legally responsible for the entire immigration procedure on behalf of your spouse and family members. IUJ will not be involved with your private affairs regarding your family in principle. IUJ can only give you basic information on this matter. Please consult directly with your embassy in Japan for further instructions.

  • The student must establish residency in housing appropriate for their spouse and children. This is an off-campus residence if children are involved.
  • You must have enough money in your back account to provide for the spouse.
  • Spouses can work in Japan with a work permit.
Procedures of Application for Spouse Visa
Document Attachments Obtainable from
Application Form   OSS
1 photo of the applicant(s)   You
Proof of relationship Family registration You
  Copy of your passport You
  Copy of applicant’s passport You
  Copy of Resident Record (Juumin hyou) City Office
  Family list form OSS
Guarantee Letter   You
Explanation Letter   You
  Certificate of enrollment at IUJ OAA
  An Official Transcript  
  Scholarship Award OSS
  Bank Statement and Copies of Bank Book  
Return envelop and stamp (470 yen)    


  1. One photo of the applicant(s) (4cm x 3cm), taken within the past 6 months and the background is white or light blue. There can be no shadows or decorations in the photo, and it should be professionally printed (not printed on home equipment). Attach the photo on the application form; write the applicant name on the back of the photo.
  2. You must prepare the following documents assuming you are applying for the Certificate of Eligibility for your family. Required documents vary from each condition.
  3. Proof of relationship:
    • Family registration “Koseki-Tohon”, marriage license or marriage receipt certificate, child`s birth certificate.
    • Copy of the guarantor’s (your) passport.
    • Guarantor’s (your) Certificate of Alien Registration. You can obtain it at the City Office for 250 yen per sheet.
    • Copy of applicant’s passport.
    • Family list (this form is available at the OSS).
  4. Guarantee Letter by the guarantor (you):
    The guarantor is you and you need to indicate this on a form (available at the OSS). You have to state in a guarantee letter that you will cover all of your spouses or family`s expenditure while living in Japan, and transportation fees from Japan to your home country, and that you are responsible for ensuring that the applicant will obey Japanese law.
  5. Explanation letter:
    Explain why and for how long your spouse or family will stay with you, and describe your living conditions.
  6. In case your relatives agree to provide your living expenses, you need the following:
    • Oath of financial support signed by the remitter (your relatives).
    • Employment and income certificate of the remitter.
    • Bank statement of the remitter.
    • Documentary evidence of remitter’s relationship with guarantor (you).
    • Evidence of remittance (copy of remittance notice, check, bankbook).
  7. All documents in foreign languages should be translated into Japanese. Other documents may be required by the officer in charge for precise screening. Application must be submitted in person or by a designated proxy. A proxy must be a relative of the applicant and ID must be shown.