Seeking assistance for harassment and discrimination concerns (PEC)

IUJ Professional Ethics Committee Guidelines

Revised and Updated September 2019.  (Earlier revised in September 2013, September 2010. Original Document created June 2006)

The International University of Japan (hereinafter referred to as “IUJ”) adopts the International University of Japan Professional Ethics Committee Guidelines (hereinafter, referred to as “Guidelines“) based on Article 6 of the International University of Japan Professional Ethics Committee Regulations.

Because IUJ is composed of people with different religions, cultures, and lifestyles gathered from all parts of the world, certain minimum necessary ethical rules are established: essentially, speech and behavior which cause discomfort and/or interferes with study, research, enjoyment of campus life, a smooth workplace environment, etc. are prohibited. This includes any form of discrimination or harassment based on sex, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability.

If and when a case of any form of harassment or discrimination arises on the IUJ campus, the Professional Ethics Committee (hereinafter, referred to as “PEC”) stands ready to handle the matter quickly, fairly and confidentially. These Guidelines describe the PEC: how the PEC intends to help prevent, but if necessary, handle cases of harassment and discrimination at IUJ.

Mission and Activities of PEC


The PEC aims to provide education and awareness of issues and circumstances involving Respect, Cross-cultural Understanding, Global Professionalism, Good Citizenship, and various forms of harassment and discrimination. By providing information on what constitutes a high standard of professional ethics – acceptable behavior in the workplace and with colleagues – and the difficult themes of harassment and discrimination, PEC hopes to deter and prevent any form of harassment and discrimination on the IUJ campus while raising the standards of professionalism and mutual respect in our global community.


The PEC’s primary activities focus on education and awareness to foster cross-cultural understanding and deter interpersonal conflict and discrimination. While always adhering to the principals of fairness and neutrality and aiming to increase the community’s understanding and practice of sound ethical standards, the PEC may offer:

  • Workshops presented by PEC members on topics related to respect, professionalism, harassment and discrimination on campus – classroom, dorms and in the workplace.
  • Guest speakers on relevant topics from “What Makes a Professional” to “Cultural Communication and Sensitivity Skills” to “Work Ethic Pointers” to “Sexual Harassment – Definitions and Awareness,” etc.
  • Training programs for those preparing to handle cases involving harassment and discrimination– both at IUJ and in future management related work capacities worldwide.
  • Reading materials to a general public in the form of books in the library collection, campus posters or informative emails on issues of professionalism, work-place conduct and problem solving.
  • Quick and appropriate assistance and response (through the ICAs and FIC as described below) to resolve cases involving any form of harassment and discrimination.


Please refer to the PDF file for the full guidelines which includes:

  • Definitions of 4 identified types of Harassment and Discrimination
  • Roles of PEC members, Informal Complaint Advisers, and the IUJ community
  • Procedures for receiving assistance with any issues informally, or formally through a Formal Investigations Committee (including IFC procedures)
  • Advice and guidance to campus residents on preventing issues of harassment and discrimination at IUJ.